From Mashable To Shagable – Or How Geeks Are The New Gods

Pete Cashmore in Scotland On Sunday

Scotland on Sunday's Eligibles

Great to see the founder of, getting the recognition he is due here in his home country.

However, Pete Cashmore isn’t being feted for the amazing achievements of his website, which reports the latest in online and social media news.

Nah. He’s actually graced the pages of Scotland on Sunday as one of the nation’s 25 most eligible bachelors (coming in at an impressive number 4).

Little surprise really.  The 25-year-old is at the helm of one of the hottest properties on the web.

As founder and CEO of mashable, he runs a multi-million pound business in an arena which was once a geeky backwater – but is now one of the planet’s sexiest sectors.

Tech knowhow aside, it helps that Cashmore is also a lantern-jawed lothario, with  handsome, camera-friendly features.

As a result he is regularly photographed with the many attractive women who queue up to meet him at parties and other tech-sector bunfights.

You can read Cashmore’s full biog at mashable and I also enjoyed this article, which seemed in awe of his ability to attract women.

Putting aside my envy, I have to confess I love this guy too! Mashable is one of the best, most useful sites on the web and is on my regular must-read list.

I’m also glad to see the young tech-star getting any sort of recognition in Scotland.

It might be the case that just about everybody with enough fingers to type with has got a Facebook account or a Twitter stream. However, the reality is that most of them still don’t much know or care what goes on behind the scenes.

Understandable, really. I wouldn’t expect EastEnders fans to be able to name the director general of the BBC and most newspaper readers couldn’t name the editor of their favourite title.

However, in Banchory-based Cashmore (at least he spends time in the Deeside town, when he’s not on playboy duties in either New York or San Francisco) Scotland has a genuine social media superstar.

So it might be doing him a bit of a dis-service that he is now earning mainstream media recognition more for being shagable, than for mashable.

But it’s a start and I suspect he’s not complaining.

At Holyrood Partnership PR Scotland, we’ve had a client feature in Scotland on Sunday’s annual list of the nation’s 50 most eligible singles.

Being a true gent, Thomas Ashdown, founder of online business Citylets, only smiles wryly and refuses to comment, when asked what a mention in the list did for his love life.

My guess is that it can’t do a man’s chances any harm, so it seems inevitable that Mr Mashable’s  mention in The Eligibiles 2010 will see him doing even more to put the “social” into media this year.

Perhaps a name change might even be in order – Pete Catchmore.

Good luck to the jammy sod.


Why PR Works: Number 4

Thomas AshdownYou may or may not know that I started this occasional series to remind myself of the good things PR does.

When you have a bunch of journalist referring to you as the “dark side”and potential clients announcing they “don’t believe in PR”, it pays to celebrate the wee successes on a regular basis.

Every year Scotland on Sunday publishes its list or Scotland’s 100 Most Eligible, described as: “Funny, sexy, successful and intelligent: these are the men and women who have everything – except someone special in their life.”

This year the list of most eligible men had a top three of:

1 – David Tennant, Dr Who actor.

2 – Jamie Murray, tennis star and older brother of Andy

3 – John Smeaton, bane of Islamic terrorists and incomprehensible have-a-go hero.

And coming in at a very creditable number 11 in the top 50 blokes is Thomas Ashdown, entrepreneur, sport sponsor and all round good guy. Oh – and I should also mention that his Citylets business is a client of yours truly at Holyrood Partnership.

I can’t tell you how delighted I am for Thomas. His natural instinct is to shirk the limelight. I know he sees PR as a necessary business evil, because he certainly has not a shred of ego, vanity or desire for self-promotion.

So he really did take a bit of persuading to be nominated for this year’s list and right up until the last minute was getting cold feet. He was genuinely surprised (and I think quite pleased) to come in so high, but I knew he’d totally charmed the judges.

So ladies, the good news is that I have Thomas’ mobile phone number … who’d like to start the bidding for first introduction?