Three little words to guide an entire year of personal and business life.

More power to you if you’re currently fighting off craving or pushing yourself beyond your usual limits to meet your New Year resolutions.

Quitting smoking is a typical New Year resolution

Quitting smoking is a typical New Year resolution

It’s a stressful business quitting smoking, sticking to a punishing exercise schedule or tamping down food cravings and coping with hunger pangs.

That’s why I’m not one for resolutions just because we’ve passed a line on the calendar.

However, whether it’s an age thing or a response to a tough 18 months, I do feel ready for a change.  Or rather changes. Just about every aspect of life could use a period of positive recalibration.

So I’m taking inspiration from some influential bloggers I follow – and bypassing the pressure of resolutions to instead choose three little words to guide me through 2015. 

Media influencers Christopher S Penn and Mitch Joel have both posted reflections on the three words they are choosing to help define the paths they follow and the kinds of actions they want to take in 2015 (the links will take you to the respective posts).

They followed the lead of another thinker and doer in the media space, influential blogger Chris Brogan, who came up with the Three Words concept back in 2006. Here’s what Brogan had to say in his 2015 post:

 “Since 2006, I’ve been inviting people to shift how they approach their year and how they frame their goals and intentions … I thought that maybe we could come up with something better, something more useful, something that would work within our thought process daily and not just for the first seven or eight days of the new year.”

If it works for these three guys and since I feel ready for a positive change, why not? So here goes…

My three words for 2015

Completed kitchen

Completed kitchen

NOURISH – I’ve spent the past two and a half years in the gym, yet spent the same period without a proper kitchen.
While I’ve been pleased with the physical benefits and changes wrought by heavy exercise, the missing piece of that jigsaw has been proper nutrition.
My new kitchen was completed in December and in 2015 I fully intend to reacquaint myself with cooking healthy and balanced meals.
That’s what I mean by “nourish” at the most literal level.
Beyond that I intend to take positive steps to nourish my mind, by reading more selectively. To nourish my blog and social networks by writing and sharing more often and more thoughtfully.
Most importantly of all I am going to think longer and harder about nourishing relationships with those most important to me – loved ones, family and friends.
All of this – I hope – will help me to nourish my business and the colleagues I work with every day.

DREAM – Somewhere in the grind of running a business, raising a family and balancing the books, it’s all too easy to forget the simple pleasure of dreaming.
I’m not talking about the mysterious night time brain activities our subconscious goes through in order to organise data, commit memories and valve our mental pressures.
Rather, I mean the idle hopes and musings when we daydream of the things we might yet achieve, the places we could visit and the people we want to be.
I believe the freedom to explore and indulge those passing notions and fancies is the key to creativity and a degree of fulfilment.
Certainly my happiest years have been those when I’ve been dreaming big – and seen my creativity and, usually, my personal happiness flourish at the same time.

LISTEN – I’m a talker and I know it. My brain buzzes so much that it’s almost a relief to vent all that stuff by engaging my gob.
Yet I also know that listening is, in many ways, a far more valuable skill.
It’s also a sure fire way to glean greater insight into the things which are most important in life – friends and family, colleagues and customers.
So, in 2015 I’ll strive to listen more. That way I hope I’ll have a better understanding of what it is I’m hearing – and make sure that anything I say in response is more powerful in turn.

What three words would you choose to steer your 2015?


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