Brilliant verbal definition of ‘Weedgie’ from new search engine, Qwiki

Qwiki Weegie

New search engine, Qwiki

I’ve been keen to try the new search engine Qwiki, which brings back results in a rather snazzy visual format, with accompanying voice over.

It’s only in Beta at the moment, while it is being tested. So I decided to give it a real challenge by making a search for “Weedgie” – the loving term we Edinburgh folk use for our Glaswegian brethren.

How impressed was I when it came back with a result? Very!

And I was howling with laughter, when I heard the definition being read out by a digitised American voice, which is like a female version of Stephen Hawking’s computerised voice synthesiser.

Listening to the disembodied voice wrestle with “Sunny Govan”, “Irvine Welsh” and “Weedgie Hun” was absolutely priceless.

If you have access to Qwiki, then check it out .

if not, then console yourself. I recorded it and turned it into a wee video which you can view here:


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