How can a sexy little number boost performance in the PR stakes?


Lingerie PR job ad

Lingerie PR job ad


As PR jobs go, this has got to be one of the best out there at the moment.

Yeah, yeah. I know what you’re thinking. You’d be wrong.

I’m going to cite the well-known ‘Playboy Defence’ here: I didn’t rate this for the pictures, it’s all about the content. Honest.

Of course. the image of a willowy model in her undercrackers was what stopped me. Particularly in the po-faced job pages of PR Week.

When I saw this, I immediately thought of Eva Herzigova’s legendary ‘Hello Boys’ ad campaign for Wonderbra – and just about anything PR-wise from Scottish entrepreneur, Michelle Mone.

And therein is the real gold, from a public relations point of view. Some ambitious, young PR go-getter is about to be handed a gilt-edged opportunity to run amok in the coverage equivalent of fields of clover.

Confession time, when I saw this picture, my heartbeat quickened, I flushed and my thoughts were suddenly brimming with lurid imaginings. Tawdry little PR fantasies like these:

* Creation of a camera-friendly, female entrepreneur to front the brand
* Celebrity endorsement
* Endless media coverage at the slip of a stocking
* Yards of newsprint dedicated to the brand’s frothy surveys
* Saucy photocalls filling countless magazine and feature pages

Yep, this is the kind of stirring stuff to get your PR dander up – from a purely professional perspective, you understand?

Look at the evidence. For 15 years now Michelle Mone, the woman behind the Ultimo lingerie range, has celebrated wall-to-wall coverage in the Scottish media, culminating in minor telly stardom.

I’ve never poked into the figures behind her business, but I have grave doubts over whether former model Mone would be the darling of Scotland’s entrepreneurial elite if she’d ‘invented’ a biodegrable cup lid, rather than an uplifting bra which generates endless photo opportunities.

More recently the two women behind lingerie store, Boudiche, enjoyed similar PR success for their venture – an apparently never-ending  stream of breathless positivity across the media, helped along nicely by attractive lingerie shots and the fact both women were young and photogenic.

The pair, Clare Thommen and Fiona McLean, also scooped up a string of business and entrepreneurial awards, none of which prevented their business slipping into administration earlier this year (it has since been purchased by cashmere mogul Belinda Dickson).

We all know sex sells, so this is the easiest PR job in the world, right? You may be surprised to hear that’s not what makes this particular position look attractive.

Eveden Limited has come up with plenty of small print. Look beyond the picture and there’s  a passion-dampening litany of job requirements: “brand awareness”, “perception and profile”, “consistent PR message”, “effective PR strategies” and the clincher – “proven track record”.

It sounds like whoever lands this job is going to face the kind of scrutiny that will make them feel about exposed as … well, a lingerie model in a lads’ mag. When it comes to scrutiny, the well-worn social media saying goes, if you’re going to be naked, then you’d better be buff.

So yes, from a PR point of view there is a huge head start in having an attractive, easy-to-sell, glamorous, consumer product to promote.

But to bring in the inevitable  bedroom analogy, once the PR fripperies, flirtations and foreplay are dispensed with, it all comes down to performance.

That’s what make this job seem attractive.


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