How to slice and dice the media to fit the categories in Facebook Groups





There’s never been more amazing time to be involved in the media – but how would you categorise what we do?

Facebook has a pretty clear idea of where we all fit in. And since Mark Zuckerberg’s social network is the biggest of the new kids on the block, I suppose we’d better be paying attention.

If you haven’t already heard, Facebook has set the  social media digerati abuzz this week, with the launch of its new Groups function.

Twitter, techsites and the blogosphere have all been positively oscillating as commentators trip over one another to froth or fume at the networking giant’s latest announcement.

Never one to miss a bandwagon I thought I’d jump on by testing out Facebook Groups for myself.

Since the idea seems to be to engage likeminded people, I planned setting up a Facebook group for those who listen to Quiet News Day (, the weekly media podcast I put together with co-host Shaun Milne.

With his background in journalism, mine in public relations and a joint interest in social media those are three subjects we talk about regularly – while also touching on tech, search, marketing and even advertising.

But when I tried to find a niche for a Quiet News Day Group, I was totally outfoxed by Facebook’s categorisation system.

While, it’s a fairly broad church, I was pretty sure there would be a “media” category. Nope. Here is the rundown of how Facebook has decided to segment those of us in the media game:

If you are ain public relations, or in markeing and advertising, then, shine up your shoes and straighten your tie, because  you fall squarely into the BUSINESS category.


Facebook Groups category for PR  and for Marketing & Advertising

PR category


However, if you are in the news game (presumably this includes journalists and photographers), then you join gadgets, gaming, software, mobile and gadgets in the INTERNET & TECHNOLOGY category.


How Facebook Groups categorises news

Facebook Groups for News


Meanwhile, if you want to follow Television or Radio, then please join the other luvvies (fine arts, performing arts, theatre, dance and movies) over in the ENTERTAINMENT & ARTS category.


Facebook Groups for TV and Radio

TV and Radio on Facebook Groups


I can confidently state at this point that I still know precisely hee-haw about the functionality – good, bad or indifferent – of Facebook Groups, because I never got through the process.

But what does it all mean?

For all those hacks who said I was off to be a ‘fluffy bunny’ on the ‘dark side’ when I moved from journalism to PR? Well, now Facebook says I’m simply doing the business.  I hope life is nice with the techie types in your geeky ghetto?

Meanwhile, to our friends in TV and Radio, we’re thinking of you dahlings – mwah, mwah!


2 thoughts on “How to slice and dice the media to fit the categories in Facebook Groups

  1. An excellent observational piece.

    Just shows that there are loads of boxes in this day and age that just cannot be ticked – and, honestly, I’m not worried about that. Like you, Scott, I don’t mind being in the knowing “precisely hee-haw about the functionality…” group on this occasion.

    It’s the same with the Scottish Government’s online contract alert website – I cannot find the PR/Communications category for the life of me. All my alerts are about police forces introducing riding a bike to work schemes and the like.

    Mind you, I’ve just got an iPhone, a 3GS at that, so what do I know?

    All the best, as always,

    • Hey Mike,
      Thanks for commenting – and I hope you’re enjoying that new iPhone?
      Amazing how all these changes have let to various aspects of our craft being put into different boxes from what we might have expected, eh?
      As for the Scottish Government … dinnae get me started!
      If you’ve ever had the misfortune to look at its shameful Marketing Framework, nothing about our national bureacracy will surprise you.
      It grants ALL of the Scottish Government’s PR work to just six PR agencies (there are around 250 agencies and freelances in Scotland) for the next four years. One of the most appalling carve ups imaginable.
      But hey, that’s a different story – so maybe I should set up a Facebook Group to provoke more discussion about it.
      Now. just one wee problem. What category should I put it in …

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