A social media epiphany – thanks to John Mayer, the big Tquitter

John Mayer's Suspended Twitter account

Account suspended

What do you call someone who throws their toys out of the pram and stomps away from the world’s biggest microblogging  platform?

Can I suggest they should be known as Tquitters – pronounced Teh-quitters?

This would just about fulfil the annoying Twitterati convention of trying to ‘improve’ perfectly good words by adding  T and a W sounds (see the hilarious Twitter-based spoof of the Facebook movie trailer, where a man orders a Twhisky, then insists he didn’t want any Twater).

The question arose today while I was reading the Daily Record’s main showbiz column, The Razz with Bev Lyons. There was story all about short-messaging service, Twitter.

It seems musician and songwriter John Mayer has axed his account (see picture at the start of this post), from which he regularly tweeted out thoughts and observations to an audience of 3.7 million followers. All in 140 characters or less.

Turns out I already knew about this story, because it was discussed at length on the Media Bullseye weekly podcast on September 17, courtesy of presenter Jen Zingsheim and co-host Sarah Wurrey.

The first question I asked myself was why the Daily Record – a paper I am proud to have worked for – was reporting a story as new, more than 19 days after it broke?

Presumably its younger and net-savvy readers will already have learnt this news, via Twitter itself or just as likely through Mayer’s official Facebook page, which has more than 2.4 million follower.

I’m also guessing the Record’s older demographic couldn’t give a monkey’s about the alt-country strummer’s social media habits. So all in all a baffling story choice.

Thanks to the Media Bullseye podcast I also know that Mayer now uses Tumblr as his main communication channel – and even visited his site, one forty plus to get his take on why he turned his back (BackTwurner?) on Twitter.

Presumably he believes the incredibly simple blogging software allows him to better fulfil his artistic nature. Especially since his parting swipe at Twitter was to lambast it as medium which never created anything of lasting artistic value.

However, I didn’t start this post to take a snarky dig at the annoying naming conventions adopted by Twitter developers. Or to berate the Daily Record for appearing so lethargic in a new era of always-on, realtime news. It wasn’t even intended as a gentle poke at the artistic hubris of  Mayer.

The real epiphany for me was this:  until I came across this story thanks to Jen Zingsheim’s podcast, I had never heard of John Mayer, his music or even his on-off romance with Jennifer Aniston.

That would have been unthinkable jsut a few short years ago, when I was an enthusiastic subscriber to Q Magazine and had a just about  manageable music habit.

So this story – breaking in print, by podcast and online – was final confirmation that for this particular one 40-plus, social media is the new Rock and Roll.

RSS aint dead! Yeah!


2 thoughts on “A social media epiphany – thanks to John Mayer, the big Tquitter

  1. Thanks for the kind words about the podcast–it’s fun to do and I’m glad people enjoy it.

    And, I suppose to reinforce my effectiveness as the transmitter of Twitter celebrity news, I will let you know that Courtney Love has also recently given up on Twitter. Oh, how will we continue?

    Again, thanks for listening!


    • Hi Jen,
      Thanks for stopping by to comment – it’s always nice to engage with people I’ve followed through FIR!
      Thanks for the Courtney Love update – Twitter will never feel whole (should that be Hole?) again.
      The Media Bullseye Roundtable, on the other hand, is the complete package! 🙂

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