Jay Rosen: “Ninety Percent of Everything is Crap. There’s Just More Everything Now”

Jay Rosen interview

Jay Rosen in The Economist

This is the stand out quote from a Q&A interview between The Economist and the American journalistic thinker, Jay Rosen:

The media establishment is being shocked into awareness of how fragile its authority and franchise are. Through the fallen gates stream bad actors, good people with no talent, young people who won’t wait, smart people who don’t need anyone’s permission to publish, the people formerly known as your sources, assorted charlatans, paranoids, shysters and fools, and the obsessives who will probably discover the next press. Almost everything remains up for grabs, but the traditional players have not been swept away and so they are in position to grab a lot of it. Some new players will do well too. Ninety percent of everything is crap, but that’s nothing novel. There’s just more everything now.

I commend anyone interested in the future of the media to read the full interview.

Find it at The Economist’s Democracy in America section on line


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