SHHHH! It Might Be Called Quiet News Day, But They Can’t Keep Hush About Our Shaun

Monday is the day when I sit down with Shaun Milne, hopefully a guest or two and we record our weekly media podcast, Quiet News Day.

Since we both have plenty of other stuff keeping us busy, it can be a bit last minute pulling together the running order and agreeing the outline content.

As a result much of Monday morning is spent speed-reading over the main issues – and so it is was I happened across Mr Milne being quoted in the latest edition of public relations bible, PR Week.

His blog, Milne Media, has long been established as a must-reads for anyone in the newspaper industry. He’s also broken stories about broadcast news and online reporting.

Now his commentary is regularly being picked up and requoted in the PR WeekBest of the Tech Blogs” column and as you might expect, I am in awe.

In the most recent edition of the PR magazine they’ve not only quoted Shaun again, they’ve sandwiched him between two of the biggest hitting social media commentators in the UK.

On one side there is a quote from the blog of Stuart Bruce, the Labour-leaning founder of comms agency, Wolfstar.

On the other is a comment from the blog of Neville Hobson, one half of the seminal For Immediate Release podcast, with American-based co-host, Shel Holtz.

Now, it’s fair to say that I am a fan of the For Immediate Release podcast. I never miss an episode and it is pretty much the only  broadcast (I include TV, radio and other web-based shows) which I can’t do without. It is a must-have weekly fix.

Indeed, when I first approached Shaun and suggested we should do our own QND podcast podcast together it was with For Immediate Release as the main inspiration.

So, to see Shaun quoted on the same platform as Neville Hobson leaves me mightily impressed. When that platform happens to be the most important trade title in the UK PR market, the wow factor goes up another notch.

Coincidentally, PR Week chose to quote from a posting by Neville on the lack of niche business podcasts in the UK.

I’m sure he might be quietly pleased if he learns there is one more to add to that small list in the shape of Quiet News Day and that it was inspired in great part by his own For Immediate Release show.

But not as pleased as me, to see my QND co-host sharing such lofty company.

Shaun on the other hand was typically modest when I asked if he’d autograph my copy of PR Week saying only: “Och, this could damage my career. I don’t want people thinking I’ve moved over to the dark side.”

Exactly the kind of cheeky commentary which makes Shaun worth listening to – and you can do just that by subscribing to the Milne Media blog and to the Quiet News Day podcast at or via iTunes


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