I’d Love To See Microsoft Deliver A Fitting Smart Phone

A smart phone yesterday

Currently Microsoft mobile is mince.

However, I’ve got a soft spot for the platform, because my first smart(ish) phone was Microsoft – at the time it was a gamechanger for me because it enabled easy access email on the hoof.

The phone had a nice colour screen, a slide out keyboard and it was easy to work. Even though I’m now using the iPhone, I miss a real keyboard – something I never thought I’d say.

To be honest the only drawback was having to use a stylus – but that was a minor point.

Latterly though, the lack of decent internet connection was its downfall. All I really wanted to do on my phone was to be able to browse website and use social media.

While I like Apple’s products, I’m not overly fond of the company or the blind faith of fanboys (in much the same way that I’m not a fan of organised religion).

Google’s Android looks interesting and I look forward to experimenting with it at some point in the future.

But to tell you the truth, after 10 years of living with the highs and lows of Microsoft, it remains the most important digital platform for me – as I suspect it is for many others in business.

I’d really be chuffed if they could deliver a phone which matched up to Windows 7.

Here’s hoping it might be on its way



2 thoughts on “I’d Love To See Microsoft Deliver A Fitting Smart Phone

  1. Scott, I heartly agree with the fanboy statement. It’s difficult as a boy because generally we get turned on by gadgets (sweeping generalisation) and of course the ones getting all the headlines are Apple – I’m typing this up on a Mini-Mac yet work on a PC 95% of the time but have used Google mail (Cloud computing) in the last 3 businesses I’ve been involved in…
    We know Microsoft is good and that in order for us to like them again they had to fail (Vista) – but the phone operating system and applications, that’s going to be quite a hill to climb, we wait in anticipation (says he with a Blackberry…)

    • Thanks Colin,

      Great comment. It perfectly sums up just how much choice there is out there.

      Microsoft failed to see the rise of search, but are now making amends with Bing, which is very good and has a lot to recommend it.

      They’re miles behind in mobile. Maybe they can remedy that.

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