A Budgie, A Broadcast And A PR Podcast. All Linked By Social Media

OAP MAy With Budgie

OAP May With Budgie

When it comes to social media, it’s the small touches which make the greatest impact with me.

Back when I first started this site, I was heartily impressed when a guy called Craig McGill got in touch and politely asked if it would be ok to link to my blog. Indeed, I was so impressed I posted about it. Of course, back then I didn’t realised Craig was one of Scotland’s main social media influencers.

Now a similarly well-mannered and thoughtful social media point of contact has impressed me all over again – this time from Canadian PR grandee, Martin Waxman.

As one third of the consequential Inside PR podcast, Martin has a respected global voice in the industry which reaches well beyond Toronto, where his own firm, Palette PR is based.

Since I’m an avid listener to Inside PR and appreciate the effort which goes into bringing out a podcast week after week, I contributed an audio comment late last year.

Martin followed up with a thank-you message and also let me know his wife was producing a documentary for STV, due to air some time in 2010 – a nice touch for a man who is 3300 miles away with a business, a podcast and a host of other interests to keep him busy.

Well, six months later Mr Waxman, out of the blue, dropped me another message. This one came via Twitter, to let me know the documentary by his missus will be airing on STV on May 24.

It is called The August Years of May and Gloria. The woman in the the title are a Scots mother and daughter, though now based in Ontario. May (pictured here with a budgie on her shoulder) is 82 and lives with Gloria, 59.

The documentary is part of a triptych looking at the complex  relationships between mothers and daughters as they grow older. May, for instance, is in the early stages of Alzheimers.

It comes from a company called MakinMovies and judging by the short YouTube trailer promises to be an emotive and intriguing piece of TV.

Now, you can call Martin’s efforts – taking the time to make that follow up contact with a stranger – unbelievable attention to detail or  superb diary work. Either way it is the hallmark of a top communicator. And you’ve gotta love that kind of commitment.

So I can only guess his other half’s work will be of a similar calibre.

That’s why, come May 24, I will be glued to  the box to find out a whole lot more about May and Gloria. Do yourself a favour and check it out too.


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