Never mind the quality, feel the width. Size matters.

Earlier this year I was giving free social media seminars to businesses.

Part of that was to give some numbers to explain the numbers of people involved. But those figures were highly movable.

For instance, the 350m users of Facebook,  quickly changed as the giant platform announced it had reached to 400m registered users.

But the biggest change of all was in the number of estimated users of Twitter. At the start of 2010, the best figure I could find was that by the end of this year there would be at least 26m registered Twitter users.

Right now I can’t remember where I took that figure from. But the point is moot as it’s now almost two weeks since Biz Stone and co announced they have more than 100m users.

This fascinating article in Techcrunch shows that everybody misjudged the sheer size of Twitter:

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7 thoughts on “Never mind the quality, feel the width. Size matters.

  1. Great update!! I am wondering how you guys manage to find such kind of information so early. Certainly helpful for me and other readers also as I am finding so many good comments here.

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