Safe Arrival Of Mini Milne Announced Via Social Media

Congratulations to media maven Shaun Milne who has made the most important addition yet to his long list of achievement – becoming a dad.

Well known across Scottish journalism for a career spanning almost 20 years and for his influential blog, Milne Media, he may be notable by his absence from the media scene in the next few weeks.

His wife Rachel went into labour at near 11pm on Wednesday and bouncing baby boy Joshua finally made his appearance almost 24 hours later.

In typical Shaun fashion, he eschewed the usual round of texts and phonecalls to his wide circle of pals – instead announcing safe delivery of the young ‘un via (how else?) Twitter.

Shaun now runs the show at Deadline News in Edinburgh also took a suitably new media approach in breaking the news to the team at Deadline, with this announcement on the company’s in-house social network, The Bond:

Joshua John Milne born 10.42pm on Thursday, weighing 7lb 14oz. Rachel and baby doing fine. I face a long recovery.

Eventually I managed to squeeze in an old-fashioned phone call with the man himself.

He was still on cloud nine and somewhat in awe of how Rachel coped with the whole experience (“barely a breath of gas and air and nary a peep out of her through the whole thing”).

Having recently purchased a fancy dan new camera, he was getting ready this morning to visit wife and wee one in hospital – with the promise of photies of the baby to follow.

I’ve always though that all newborns look like Winston Churchill, but Shaun insisted: “The baby’s definitley got my good looks.”

I’ll post a pic here just as soon as Mr Milne provides one – though I suspect there will be plenty more to see on a number of digital channels near you.

UPDATE – just noticed that Shaun also made his announcement (I wanted an iPad – instead I got a baby) on his Facebook page, where it is a pleasure to see so many people offering their congratulations.


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