Great Comment Norbert!

Great Comment Norbert

Web Seal of Approval

A splendid moment of light relief this morning, with just the tiniest touch of schadenfreude.

Listening to the latest podcast from Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson I couldn’t help but chuckle when Shel responded to a listener’s contribution with an enthusiastic, “Great comment, Norbert”.

Nothing funny in that – except that the listener in question was actually Daniel P. Bingham, a communicator out of Manhattan.

Let me state here and now – Shel Holtz is a legend and his podcast with Neville (For Immediate Release, known as FIR) is a work of genius and a must-listen for anyone working in media. There is absolutely no slight intended on Shel or Daniel.

Anybody can get a name wrong – and I frequently do .

In this case it was entirely excusable since FIR has been inundated with listener comments and contributions to celebrate its landmark 500th episode (check Twitter #fir500).

Add to that the fact that someone called Norbert is among the regular commentators on the show and Shel’s slip is even easier to understand. In fact, it was so trivial it should have slipped by totally unnoticed.

However, Norbert is just one of those names.

In certain parts of the world it is probably as ordinary as Dave or Jim (or Scott). But here in Scotland I’ve never come across anyone called Norbert, unless they were either the speccy bullying victim/villainous henchman in a Harry Potter book.

So, with my schoolboy-grade sense of humour it was transformed from an easily-made slip of the tongue into a memorable moment in my day.

And hey, sometimes all this social media stuff seems like an awful lot of serious graft and hard work, so I’ll take the occasional chuckle where I can get it.

I remember in the 1990s when Loaded magazine burst onto the scene in the UK  and its irreverent catchprhase, Good work fella (GWF) became a byword for anything the magazine and its staff liked a lot.

Well, from this day forward I plan to use Great Comment Norbert! for anything online which gets my stamp of approval. And if anybody asks why, I can refer them back to those post to explain why.

So on top of the many hours of pleasure I’ve had from listeing to Shel’s podcasts with Neville I now owe him thanks for this wee gem.

Good work fella – or should I say, Great Comment Norbert!



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