Plug In To The Power Of The Humble Billboard. No Cable Required.

Powermat. Wirleless charging

Powermat. Wirleless charging

Terribly old-fashioned, I know. But this morning my eye was caught by the quaintest of media throwbacks. A billboard.

Not a digital display. Not a clever spinny-thing with three different, rotating ads.

Just a basic billboard pasted up by the side of the road, hopefully  by a guy with a ladder, a bucket and a big brush.

Lose The Cords It urged in three foot high letters – accompanied by a pic of rather fetching young woman with lots of power cables wrapped round her napper.

Taking a mental note of the product on show (Powermat, should you be interested), as soon as I got into the office, I checked it out on Google.

Yes, my life would benefit from this hi-tech work of genius (maybe they’ll send me one to review?). All I needed was was a nice, stolid, unfashionable, unglamorous and rigidly rooted billboard to tell me so.

Read this full post at the HP Sauce blog of Holyrood Partnership, public relations in Scotland


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