Tartan Taliban Wants to Ban Lipstick Fun For Young Girls

Toddler lipstick malfunction

Toddler lipstick malfunction

There are certain jobs and certain people that, quite simply, should never be put together.

So my sympathies go out to Brian Swanson at the Scottish Express.

In a long and distinguished journalistic career, Swanny has covered just about everything, including brushes with the bizarre and the downright wacky.

But it must have been a particularly surreal moment for the grizzled veteran of the Fourth Estate when he was asked to pull together a story about an MSP kicking up a fuss over “beauty salons” for girls as young as four.

Margaret Mitchell, a Tory MSP, was putting the boot into a new business in Glasgow, called Tantrums and Tiaras.

She was left frothing after someone brought to her attention that wee girls were attending this “salon” with their friends to enjoy playing with make-up, perfume and fake tattoos.

After penning his article about the allegedly corruptive influence of clothes, perfume and make-up on young girls – Swanny  then had to return home and face seven daughters. Ouch.

Read the full post on this subject at the Holyrood Partnerhsip blog, HP Sauce.


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