A Couple of Fishy Tales From the World of PR in Scotland

Goldfish - and body double

Goldfish - and body double

Congratulations to the PR team at Scottish Water on the widespread media coverage achieved with their story about a goldfish being rescued from the sewers.

The lucky fish suffered the indignity of being flushed down someone’s toilet, but because of heavy rain managed to survive in the sewers – until it was spotted and rescued by a sharp-eyed worked at a sewage treatment plant.

All of which reminds me of  how I saved my own pet when it was facing a trip down the sewer.

Lola the goldfish was actually bought as a photographic “body double” for a fish which had been revived by firefighers after a house blaze. When press agency photographers were fnished with the critter, it’s future seemed bleak.

Until I stepped in and saved it – and now make sure it is the best-looked after (and fattest) goldfish in all of Scottish PR.

Read the full post at the Holyrood Partnership blog, HP Sauce


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