Bangkok Troupe Try To Turn Journalist Rory into a Ladyboy

Rory: Smiled through pain

Rory: Smiled through pain

The delightful Ladyboys of Bangkok are a PR person’s dream at Edinburgh Fringe time.

Not only are they an instantly recognisable, household name, they are glamorous and freakish in equal measure, which makes them excellent media fodder.

They’re also ready to take part in any vaguely interesting photo opportunity at the drop of a hat. 

So, it’s easy to understand then, why one Scottish public relations agency after another queues up in the hope of getting some extra va-va-voom for their press releases. 

Today it was the turn of a Glasgow outfit called Liquorice Media, who arranged a photo call with the Ladyboys.

The schtick was to have the sequinned, plucked and tucked showgirls turn out for a splatterfest at the Bedlam paintball venue – which is run by Edinburgh man-about-town stalwart, Roman Rock.

However, the experience was to prove a painful one for one young journalist based in Edinburgh..

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