Rostergate: Let’s Go Through the Whole Horrible Process Again

A scrawny chicken

A scrawny chicken

Take one stout jute sack. Insert half a dozen hungry ferrets. Add a scrawny chicken that thinks its the most succulent bird on two legs. Hit with a big stick. Ta da! You’ve got the Scottish Goverment’s PR Roster system.

So haud me back at news that the Scottish Government is to re-pitch four PR accounts previously held by roster agency, Barkers.

What this actually means is beyond me.

Is everybody and their dug in Scottish PR being invited to go through the whole, horrible, draining, demoralising, incomprehensible (and ultimatley for most, unwinnable) tender process again?

Or will the Government simply decide to bump up the agency which finished 7th during the last process (that’ll be Trimedia, with a princely score of 75.87 out of 100)?

Either way it’s likely to be messy – the Scottish Government will be damned if they do and damned if they don’t

You can read the rest of this post at Holyrood Partnership PR blog


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