Anybody know how to “break” a local newspaper editor?



Spotted on a LinkedIn PR discussion forum:

You are trying to pitch a local newspaper editor that you have never worked with before, but you just can’t seem to get their attention. What are some ways of ‘breaking’ them?

I didn’t have time to follow the thread (I was too busy sniggering and opening this blog post), so I can only presume it originated in the US.

 However, it set me off wondering how it might work in the Scottish arena.

Pity the poor PR fool that tried to “break” a news rottweiler like John McLellan during his days at the helm of the Evening News in Edinburgh.

Nor would I have fancied the chances of optimistic  account executives trying to pitch their stories directly to Donald Martin, while he was in the editor’s seat at Evening Times in Glasgow.

But it remains an interesting concept and I cannae help but think there must be a few cheap laughts in it.

So, I’ll happily hear any other suggestions (from PRs or journos) on what we need to do to properly break in our wayward local newspaper editors and, er, bring the blighters to heel.


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