Hack versus flack? Maybe we all need a smack.



Two unrelated events…

At a Daily Record leaving do, louche sax man (and top class sub – well, he still needs to make a living) Frank Morgan raises a quizzical eyebrow and asks me: “What is it about men of a certain age that they feel the need to go yomping off into the wilds of Knoydart?”

Ten days later Greig Cameron, the tireless engine room of Business 7 newspaper, is left agog when a fluffy PR type phones him and breathlessly inquires: “When does the Daily Record come out?”

At this point let me dip a toe into the rather muddy waters of the hack-v-flack debate (to the uninitiated or just the plain disinterested a “hack” is a journalist and a “flack” is a PR person).

It’s a subject which caught my eye because Kevin Taylor, the President of the CIPR recently wrote on this very subject, asking: Journalists and PRs: can it ever be a marriage?

All of which set me thinking about these two unrelated stories which, for me, perfectly sum up the rather pointless divisions that seem to exist between our two professions.

The rest of this post can be read at the Holyrood Partnership PR blog, HP Sauce


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