Could Twitter kill off blogging. Well it’s almost proved the death of me!

Twitter logo

Twitter logo

If you genuinely have an attention span that doesn’t extend beyond 140 characters, then it’s already time to move on pardner.

There you go – only 104 characters in and the sad truth is if anybody is bothering to read this, I’ve probably lost them already.

Why? Well, it seems we have all developed the mental absorbency of cheap kitchen paper towels. In this golden information age we are happy to soak it all up – but only in 30 words or less.

Y’see, apparently Twitter is killing blogging. Who says so? A small army of commentators, arbiters, the switched on, the wired up and the plugged in. Yep, the net hip are lining up (better hope it is a short queue, mibbes 140 people or less) to predict the death of blogging.

The rest of this post can be read at the Holyrood Partnership PR blog, HP Sauce


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