BBC boss man predicts the future’s bright for digital PR

Atholl Duncan

Atholl Duncan

Any presentation by Atholl Duncan, head of news and current affairs at BBC Scotland, is a must see.

And so it proved today, when a bumper crop of Scottish PR people gathered in Edinburgh (including a couple of us from Holyrood Partnership) out to hear Mr Duncan’s views on the future of Auntie, part of a Gorkana breakfast event in the city.

They weren’t disappointed. For a man who’s spent most of his career in the broadcasting backrooms, he is perfectly comfortable and relaxed in front of an audience.

In typical Beeb style he quickly and adeptly led the 100-plus assemble flacks, comms people and public affairs types through the history of Scottish news broadcasting, the current state of Scotland’s media and the future in an online world.

I feared the worst when he opened his presentation with a grainy photo of a woman from yesteryear feeding a penguin and asked who could name her. There was a loooong silence, before someone rode to the rescue by correctly identifying Mary Marquis.

You can read the rest of this post at Holyrood Partnership PR Blog, HP Sauce


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