Got the perfect goat for your PR photocall? Now check that it’s the good looking one.

A goat in deely boppers

A goat in deely boppers

There are some questions that have to be asked when you get up close enough to the person likely to have the answers.

My burning question last week was: “Why was that goat wearing a pair of deely boppers?

The woman with the answers was Aberdeen-based queen of the photocall, Beverley Tricker.

Everyone in Scottish PR knows La Tricker’s work – not least because she hoovers up awards with the gay abandon of the shake’n’vac lady.

Thankfully for the rest of us, Beverley is quite happy to share many of the hints and tips which help keep the creative juices flowing at her PR agency.

About 18 months ago, when I found out she was running a creativity workshop for junior practitioners, I promptly dispatched a couple of our own young staff. They came back fizzing with bright ideas and desperate to unleash their newfound brainstorming abilities on the first available campaign.

During a debrief the pair excitedly tried to explain how a moment of on the spot creativity led to one of Beverley’s most successful  photo calls – the aforementioned horned farm animal in bobbling head wear.

I never did quite get to the bottom of the story – so here at Holyrood Partnership the expression “a goat in deely boppers” is now a byword for anything inexplicable in the world of PR.

To read the rest of this story click here…


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