Camping in the rain versus PR in the Cayman Islands

03-may-cayman-islandsThis year’s summer holiday will be in a campsite in France.

I’m sure it’ll be magic, but it’s just not got the same ring as Bali, the Maldives, or Mauritius.

Last week my thoughts turned to the kinds of sun-kissed paradise blessed with blue ocean, white, sandy beaches, and a laid back lifestyle.

The reason? Holyrood PR client NKD Clothing is pursuing business opportunities in the Cayman Islands.

That’s partly thanks to a video we made promoting the company’s work wear and uniform design services, which helped catch the eye of an influential Scottish business ambassador in the Caribbean.

NKD Clothing boss Gill Eastgate has already spent much of this year travelling all over the UK chasing down potential new business – so I’m sure a “business trip” to the Caribbean would be a welcome change.

Which set me daydreaming – what if Scottish PR companies could land lucrative PR contracts in far-flung and exotic locations like the Cayman Islands?

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