Aussie sub is big down under – with his genital related headline

The Australian

The Australian

You can have a lot of fun at th expense of people with odd names – as my old chum Phani Tikkala proved when I first started blogging.

But hat’s off to the Austalian newspaper sub who took a dusty acaedmic report  on surnames and came up with the headline of the year: Name shame causes Cock shrinkage but Wang is on the rise.

The original report seems to be about charting the movement of populations by  following changes and shifts in family surnames.

However, the headline – in all its nob-obsessed, schoolboy humor glory –  is hilarious.

At a time when the newspaper industry is drooping, it’s good to see under-pressure sub-editors are still rising to the occasion with genius gems like this.

Big down under, indeed.