Rostergate: Were the Roster 6 really appointed without face-to-face meetings?

Worms: Out of can

Worms: Out of can

A normally reliable source has informed that the six agenices appointed to the Government’s PR roster got there without so much as a face-to-face meeting.

The source adds: “They (the government) did not meet any of the shortlisted agencies, but did it on a box ticking exercise.”

I’m almost hoping this can’t be right. Surely it is not possible that roster agencies were appointed purely on the strength of how they completed the nefarious Invitation to Tender and without any face-to-face meeting?

If so. I think we may be hearing a distinct tap-tap-tap sound. Not only has the box been ticked, but the corpse of poor old credibility has been bundled into it and the tapping noise is the first nail being tentatively hammered into the lid.



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