2 thoughts on “Evolution, Darwin, the origin of the species – and death by bumming in the Pepsi universe

  1. I feel it is important for the theory of evolution to be understood in order to be able to understand the theory, in Intelligent Design Message from the Designer, which allows for a compromise between Evolution and God or gods, which I should at least be considered alongside the other two.This theory is saying quite simply that we are the creation of advanced scientists, from another solar system, and that our ancestors mistook these people for gods. The purpose of all the religions was simply for good measure, to enable our humanity to survive that predictable age we are now in, on our own. The planet is indeed very old and is a sort of ‘living machine’,and there have been many humanities, which have disappeared for the self-evident reasons we can see today,namely, nuclear war, over-population and environmental degradation .The evidence of the theory Evolution is in fact evidence of the progression of design. When our scientists synthesize DNA they will start of with a simple single celled organism and will progress to multi-celled organisms and so on and eventually create man. No doubt these men will start to debate as to whether or not they were created by God or evolution. I think it is important to understand the theory of evolution in order to understand the progression of design, but in this case by advanced scientists and not by nature. A famous person,said of the book containing this theory, ‘ if this is science fiction it ranks alongside the most breathtaking of it’s kind, but if it is true it is earth shaking. I say if this is science fiction, then I suppose within the context of this theory, so are the dangers of nuclear war.

    So we have a here a theory which answers many issues at the same time, including a simple explanation for the original function of the world religions, and a common sense explanation for the appearances of so called Ufos throughout history, but especially since 1945.ET are simply waiting for us to understand. This is about the demystification of the old understandings and the spiritualisation of science.We as a humanity we are on our own but not alone.

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