Street artist leaves the BBC aghast with foul-mouthed webcam antics

Webcam Swearing

Webcam Swearing

As if the poor old BBC don’t already have enought to worry about.

Now they are having to cope with particularly determined and inventive cyber yobs!

This is the online, web 2.0 version of the drunks who bob about behind TV crews when they are doing pieces to camera from busy streets or event. Except this is funny.

Credit where it’s due – this was actually posted byPaul Fernley on his Journey into Journalims blog ( So make sure you click here or visit the site and see the unedited work of a fiery Nottingham street artist.

Dunno what knd of response this might provoke in the modern media landscape. Perhaps:

After the Brand-Ross affair, it is vital that the BBC ensure heads roll for this appalling lapse in judgement…blah, blah… if viewers in Nottingham treat their licence fee with such disdain they shouldn’t receive a  public broadcast service… yawn…bloggers who use the interne to celebrate and further publicise this type of anti social behaviour should be stripped of web privileges…ho and quite literally hum.

Enough of the attitude, just enjoy. This is the best bit of swearing on the BBC in donkey’s years (possibly ever).


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