Still Game for a laugh? Maybe not if it involves an auld man in a bath

Still Game

Still Game

We put in a hard shift on behalf of our client, the Care Commission.

Take last Friday for example – which saw me dealing with no fewer than five separate media inquiries from assorted newspapers. A hefty workload by anyone’s standards.

But one of the more surreal inquiries didn’t come froma newspaper at all – it was from a wee wifie in West Lothian complaining about the advert for Scotland’s National Care Standards which is features an auld man cackling in his bath.



Rostergate: Were the Roster 6 really appointed without face-to-face meetings?

Worms: Out of can

Worms: Out of can

A normally reliable source has informed that the six agenices appointed to the Government’s PR roster got there without so much as a face-to-face meeting.

The source adds: “They (the government) did not meet any of the shortlisted agencies, but did it on a box ticking exercise.”

I’m almost hoping this can’t be right. Surely it is not possible that roster agencies were appointed purely on the strength of how they completed the nefarious Invitation to Tender and without any face-to-face meeting?

If so. I think we may be hearing a distinct tap-tap-tap sound. Not only has the box been ticked, but the corpse of poor old credibility has been bundled into it and the tapping noise is the first nail being tentatively hammered into the lid.


PR Rostergate: Proof that size really does matter

Size Matters

Size Matters

Size really does matter. Oh yeah, baby!

At least the Scottish Government seems to believe so, in which case it must be true. Because what is clear is that the Holyrood Parliament mob like it B-I-G.

Yep. When it comes to the Scottish Government’s preferred PR suppliers, they like the appearance of an impressively sized package. Something really meaty.


Rostergate Part 2 – Competitive PR tendering or bum fighting?

Meancing looking bouncer

Meancing looking bouncer

Confession time: I didn’t see it coming.

I’m referring to the controversy kicked up in PR circles by the Freedom of Information (FOI) request I put in to the Scottish Government about its PR roster.

Failing to predict this wee stushie (which I’m going to modestly call Rostergate) isn’t the best advert for a PR man, especially one with my crisis spotting and averting credentials.

But hey, we live and learn. Even at 40. And the more I learn about this little roster carve up saga, the angrier I get.


Rostergate: who lit a fire under the Scottish PR industry? I name names

Naughty monkey

Naughty monkey

Some naughty little monkey has gone and caused all sorts of unwanted trouble in PR land.

According to this article in The Drum magazine (click here), the rascally blighter has provoked “outrage among the Scottish industry”.

Murder polis! It must be serious?

Indeed it is. The ne’er do well has only gone and threatened the status quo by – sharp intake of breath – using Freedom of Information legislation to find out exactly why the Scottish Government has chosen the six agencies appointed to its PR roster.

Well, today I can deliver an exclusive, by unmasking the bounder who is posing such a threat to the very fabric of the Scottish PR industry.


Street artist leaves the BBC aghast with foul-mouthed webcam antics

Webcam Swearing

Webcam Swearing

As if the poor old BBC don’t already have enought to worry about.

Now they are having to cope with particularly determined and inventive cyber yobs!

This is the online, web 2.0 version of the drunks who bob about behind TV crews when they are doing pieces to camera from busy streets or event. Except this is funny.

Credit where it’s due – this was actually posted byPaul Fernley on his Journey into Journalims blog ( So make sure you click here or visit the site and see the unedited work of a fiery Nottingham street artist.

Dunno what knd of response this might provoke in the modern media landscape. Perhaps:

After the Brand-Ross affair, it is vital that the BBC ensure heads roll for this appalling lapse in judgement…blah, blah… if viewers in Nottingham treat their licence fee with such disdain they shouldn’t receive a  public broadcast service… yawn…bloggers who use the interne to celebrate and further publicise this type of anti social behaviour should be stripped of web privileges…ho and quite literally hum.

Enough of the attitude, just enjoy. This is the best bit of swearing on the BBC in donkey’s years (possibly ever).