A baby boom to lift the gloom.

Like everyone else, I suspect, I’m fed up of gloomy and bad news at the moment.

If it’s not failing banks or a deepening nosedive into recession, it’s record unemployment and soaring business failures. And that’s just the economy, stupid. Elsewhere there’s not much joy on the airwaves or in the papers.

So I’m delighted that a number of my friends have decided to cheer me up no end – by popping sprogs (at least, cheering me up was an unintentional side effect of this week’s events).

Here are the guilty parties and the text messages I received (in reverse order):

JULIET SIMPSON, Managing Director of Stripe Communications (and other half, Surf Dude Steve)

Archie Munro Simpson was born at 2am on Wed morning. 7lbs 10, blue eyes, hair and just like his daddy. We are both exhausted but absolutely smitten!

STUART McEWEN, General manager of the world renowned Kingsbarns Golf Links (and his lovely wife Yvonne – who obviously did all the hard work)

Connor William McEwen was born at 12.50am on 4th December, weighing, wait for it, 9-13. Mum & baby are fine, Dad is in a daze!!

BARBIE DUTTER, journalist extraordinaire and one of my oldest friends and resident of Sydney, Australia (and husband, Simon and daughter Annie)

2/12 – Beautiful baby girl has arrived safely, 7lb 10oz with splendid dark hair. Name to be decided. We’re all well and v v happy.

Congratulations all round – and thanks for the much needed lift!

Now that’s what texting was made for!


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