The age old question from a trio of up and coming PR women

A hatful of clangers
A hatful of clangers
I’ve been given a smart rap on the knuckles – and quite right too – after dropping a hatful of clangers in a previous blog about the trio of entrepreneurial women behind new Edinburgh-based PR outfit, Liberty & Cole.


I took a very good-natured call today from Emma Miller today to say thanks for the coverage – but to point out a couple of slight errors. All of which I’m only too happy to put right:

Invitation to Rutland reopening
Invitation to Rutland reopening

ONE – I name checked Emma and boldly stated I’d never met her. WRONG! I actually had the good fortune to meeting the woman herself just a few short months ago, when she helped organise the media opening party for the revamped Rutland hotel and bar in Edinburgh’s West End.

I was understandably keen to get along, since for the past five years we’ve been turning out immense amounts of global coverage for Montpeliers (Edinburgh) Ltd, the most agenda-setting of the the style bar chains, from Opal Lounge to Tigerlily. It’s always nice to see the opposition


Not only did I spend the entire night quaffing free booze, but after an exchange of emails, the uber-efficient Ms Miller also arranged for me to bring along a visiting pal from Inverness. Top work.  At that point of course, Liberty and Cole was just a twinkle in Emma’s eye (she was still working for Signature Pubs at the time). Just to prove that I remember her only too well, I’ve even looked out the inviataion from the night (see the picture).

2 – I also boldly claimed that Emma would be working in London. Whoops! Wrong again. She will definitely be working in Edinburgh alongside colleagues Beckie and Sarah. That’s what I get for jumping to conclusions based on info pillaged from her Facebook profile.

3 – Finally Emma took umbrage  at being described as a party girl: “I’m 33 with two kids – I’ve not got the time to party!”, she protested. And fair play to her. No slight intended – I’ve no doubt all three women got where they are with a shedload of hard graft, though I hope they still find time for the occasional bunfight.

However, what really got the ladies hot under the collar was the fact that my post not only namechecked them – but listed their ages.

Since the info was accurate, there’s no correction due, but it was, ahem, most ungentlemanly of me. My only defence is that those old newspaper habits die hard.

They’re mere striplings all three of the Liberty & Cole principals. But being a curmudgeon of 40 (I know, I know – I don’t look a day over 39) I’ve forgotten that age is one of those great unmentionables with women.

So, let  me say again that I’m sorry for that careless indiscretion.

I long ago made the leap from hack to flack and thoroughly enjoy life at Holyrood Partnership.

But since I’m still an old hack at heart, I had to decline young Emma’s kind inviation to explain how I came by such sensitive information – and insist that I couldn’t possibly reveal my sources.


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