From brothel creeping to an audience with the First Minister

Forgot to wear a cap

Sex scandal specialist: Forgot to wear a cap

When Doug Walker made his move from Deadline Press & Picture Agency to join The Sun, everybody knew it was the perfect match.

If there’s a man in Scottish journalism better suited for a news role on The Currant, I’ve yet to meet him.

Sometimes though it’s easy for the young hack pack to forget how privileged they are. This week our own Karrie Gillett, video journalist extraordinaire, was wondering out loud if high heid yin of the SNP – our very own First Minister, Wee Eck – was poking fun at her.

She’s had so many brushes with Wee Eck recently that he automatically recognises her on jobs and happily shoots the breeze. There’s even a suggestion he might be gently ribbing her Norn Iron accent.

As I pointed out to Karrie, it’s no bad thing to be on such comfortable nodding terms with the man who is, after all, the Scottish Prime Minister. I’ve never met Wee Eck and to most Scots he’s a figure they’re only likely to ever know through the TV.

Which brings me back to Doug Walker. Two years ago he was in his late 20s and trying desperately to crash his way into journalism as a late starter.

Now he’s come so far that even meeting the First Minister to be “crowned” with a See You Jimmy bunnet isn’t the high point of his working week.

Naw. Doug’s always been a digger. A proper, old-fashioned dirt and scandal-monger. So the best part of his week has been tracking down the hookers involved in the sauna scandal which cost Sheriff Andrew Lothian his job.

Doug must have been kicking his height when he found the particular vice girl involved, Catherine Purcell – and turned up a cracking picture of her to boot. It’s a nice, exclusive package which happily fills page 13 of today’s Scottish Sun.

I could sense the excitement from Doug earlier this week – as he looked forward to trotting out the classic line used by all the best investigative journalists when uncovering sex scandals. As he told me:

Busy busy. Been on the hooker trail all week which is good, should have another big show for the end of the week hopefully. Great fun, I have yet to ‘make my excuses and leave’ though!

Times are unsettled in the world of newspaprer journalism, with title facing an uncertain future, revenues (and share prices) plummeting and jobs being axed all over the place. So it’s nice to see a man so in love with his work.

And when that work involves brothel creeping to catch out dodgy lawmen – then turning up for an audience with the First Minister, you can see why there’s still a steady stream of young people queuing up for jobs in journalism.

I just hope Wee Eck washed his hands after his run in with Mr Walker, given that we now know exactly where he’d been.


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