Edinburgh It Girl Sarah Howden turns from hack to flack

Sarah Howden

Sarah Howden

Industry bible PR week had me scratching my head this morning.

A news snippet in the latest edition of the mag announced that Jenners, the Grand old Dame of Princes Street, had awarded its PR contract to “three-month-old agency Liberty & Cole”.

Now that’s one sought after account among consumer PR types, so my interest was piqued. Since I didn’t recognise the name, I promptly googled it. Which turned up nothing. Eventually I found a web holding page which, aside from introducing me to the company’s very attractive logo, told me the square root of heehaw.

However, a wee bit of detective work soon led me to party girl and former Evening News features writer, Sarah Howden, who at the age of 29 has become a director of her own company – yep, Liberty & Cole.

When fromer Watson’s girl Sarah packed in at the Evening News earlier this year it was clear she had something up her sleeve -and whispers reached me of a move into PR.

But big respect due to her for setting up in business with two pals – and for snagging an account of the quality of Jenners before Liberty & Cole even has a website up and running. Good work, ladies!

Another member of the L&C team is Beckie Smith, 27, the former PR Manager with upmarket jeweller Hamilton & Inches, who launched her own outfit, Miss Smith PR, in June this year. Since I don’t know Beckie, I can’t say whether she plans to keep Miss Smith as a separate entity, or if it will be completely subsumed by Liberty & Cole.

And last – though I’m sure by no means least – is 33-year-old Emma Kate Miller. While it appears Sarah and Beckie will be working from Commercial Street in Leith, Emma will be the agency’s presence in London. Smart move.

While at the Evening News, Sarah did more than a couple of favours for our team at Holyrood PR – so I wish her all the best in her new incarnation as a flack. I don’t think she’ll miss her days as a hack for too long.

I also look forward to watching their agency grow and develop. While many would be wary of launching a new media business in the middle of a credit crunch/recession, my personal view is that there will be opportunities galore.

Hopefully the explanation behind the name Liberty & Cole will come out round about the time their new website is completed. And with a a trio of party girls at the helm no doubt the L&C name will soon be associated with all sorts of glamorous shindigs.

Good luck with the new venture Sarah and co – though I’m sure you won’t need it.


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