Look into the see-thru skull for a clear picture of PR success

I had cause on Sunday to plough through every one of the day’s newspapers – nineteen quid’s worth to be precise.

By Danny Lawson, PA

By Danny Lawson, PA

Aside from economic gloom, only one other story leapt out at me by dint of being included in virtually every paper.

It was this yarn (cick here) about the controversial Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull – said to have inspired the latest Indiana Jones movie – going on display at The Hub in Edinburgh, as part of the Histories and Mysteries Conference.

Congratulations to Danny Lawson the PA photographer (and yes, another product of the Deadline Press & Picture Agency talent factory) for capturing an image which achieved huge coverage.

But also big congratulations due to the conference co-organiser, Phillip Coppens. The Belgian ex-pat now lives in North Berwick and as well as pulling the event together, handled the PR AND was a speaker at the event.

Apparently his talk was about the hidden history of the Lothians, including the spots where King Arthur fought battles to protect Camelot. Because Phiiiop is a specialist on unexplained phenomena, conspiracy theories and other such oddities.

Nae mystery here though. Cracking pic opportunity, quirky story, Hollywood movie link and a gloomy winter Saturday in Edinburgh at the height of the financial crisis equals guaranteed headlines.

Good work fella.


One thought on “Look into the see-thru skull for a clear picture of PR success

  1. Many thanks! Not sure from your report, whether you were at the Hub, or just spent all the money on newspapers… but even “if only” the latter, would appreciate it if you could scan them in and send them to my email. As you can imagine, the weekend was a wee bit too busy to go out and buy them all myself!

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