Scottish journalism students launch their own news site

If I’d been keeping a proper eye on incoming links to this blog, I might have noticed by now that the journalistic young guns at Napier University have started their own news site.

Given that links are like gold dust, I am most grateful to the studetns for namechecking my blog on the pages of their site,  Dunedin Napier News.

It’s also pleasing to see the young ‘uns fully embracing the joys of Web 2.0 and digital media, including video, slideshows, RSS feeds and whatnot.

What better way for the thrusting, shiny young things to see their names in lights – especially given the  way things are going in newspaper land at the moment (just read any of the recent posts on Shaun Milne’s blog to keep up with the parlous state of the Scottish media)?

Without being gloomy, it’s entirely possible that when the recently enrolled crop of first years graduate four or five years from now, the media may well have changed beyond all recognition. Certainly few see traditional print or broadcast media remaining as they are.

The Napier students have obviously already sussed the  twin keys to successful audience building on Web 2.0 (interesting, high-quality content and generous linking).

So let’s hope this up and coming generation will be the ones to resolve the conundrum of how to make online news pay.

FINALLY – while all this virtual, web 2.0, online conversation stuff is great, you cannae beat the real thing. So I look forward to being invited to Napier to address the students face-to-face. I’ll even accept payment in beer.


2 thoughts on “Scottish journalism students launch their own news site

  1. Hi Scott!

    Thanks for your kind words about our brand new student news website. Sure, we’d love to have you come and talk to our students. I’ll buy you as many beers as you want and tell you about all the exciting new developments on Napier Journalism degrees.

    Kind regards

    Rachel – Head of Journalism @ Napier

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