Suited and booted – and the scourge of the hoodies

Lensman Bill Henry is celebrating someting close to 100 years at the Evening News. Not only is he the photographer you want if a difficult snatch is needed, he’s also proven year after year that he’s a master of news reportage and just as comfortable setting up eyecatching and artistic images.

So when he turned out to capture for posterity the events at a tribute do for his old pal Ian Kyle it was a surefire, racing certainty the pictures would be cracking. And this one proves it.

Suited and booted

Suited and booted

For a bunch of ageing and creaking hacks, we scrub up well in this photo. So thanks to Bill Henry, for proving the camera does lie.

Also, my thanks to normally-respectable BBC Politics Show correspondent, David Thompson for reminding me that, as we boarded the train back to Edinburgh, he took it upon himself to remonstrate with some neds, making a nuisance of themselves on the opposite platform. Or as he put it, far more eloquently: 

Nice one – can’t believe that shortly after this picture was taken, these respectable members of society were seen flicking the Vs at some hoodies at Polmont station.

I don’t know the pair of bearded fellas a the back, but the others in the picture are:

STANDING (L-R) – Raymond Notarangelo, Ian Kyle (yes, he IS standing), David Thompson.

SEATED (L-R) – Magnus Llewellin, Scott Douglas, Stephen Rafferty, Douglas Smith.


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