Black day at the Mirror reflects badly on the state of the media

Hold up a mirror and you’re not always going to like what you see reflected back at you.

Today’s news that four editorial staff have been given their marching orders from the Scottish Mirror is one of those moment.

Ron Moore, Maggie Barry, Mark Smith and sports colleague Ian Campbell are all well kent faces in Scottish media circles – and widely liked and rated.

So I will be among the former colleagues and contacts hoping they all land very firmly on their feet now that management at the Scottish Mirror have told them their services are no longer required.

Details are sketchy at this point, but I understand the four were summoned to Glasgow for a meeting today, while a similar meet was also being arranged in Manchester. Other than that they had no inkling of what was to come.

Worse, the four have apparently been told that only one job will be created – and they are welcome to join other applicants for that lonely post.

Nobody could blame any of the four if they applied – bills still need paid, children clothed etc. Life goes on and all that. But I genuinely hope they’ll be snapped up elsewhere and won’t have to consider reapplying for the Mirror dollar.

For the rest of us in media land this is yet another unwanted reminder of the parlous state of the industry we have all, at some time, loved dearly.

Which leaves most of us wondering … who’s next?


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