What was to blame for making her Fanny Burney?

Yes, it’s juvenile. But I can’t help myself.

I’ve always enjoyed a chuckle over funny names (see Phani Tikkala). Indeed, only just this morning some anonymous soul found their way to my blog by using a search engine to look for “funny names Chu Kok”.

In this case I spotted this plaque on the impressive walls surrounding Windsor Castle. Fanny may have been a successful novelists at a time when women weren’t encouraged to read, let alone write. She was also Keeper of the Robes for Queen Charlotte. So in every way, a woman worth far more than my schoolboy sniggers.

I read a bit of Fanny’s history, but couldn’t find out if she was Fanny Burney by birth, or by marriage. I hope it was through an unfortunate union with some minor earl or royal courtier. Though Big Adrian in the office suggested she was only Fanny Burney as a result ot eating too many pickles – and suggested cranberry juice would sort it out.

This reminded me of one of my favourite jokes, from around about the time when Nick Faldo was still playing on the professional golfing circuit, ably assisted by one of the few female caddies involved in the game – Fanny Sunesson.

It went like this: Did you hear that Nick Faldo’s caddy is getting married to (fellow professional golfer) Vijay Singh? Apparently he’s asked to make her Fanny Singh!

Ta da.


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