The Bizarre world where the reporter becomes the story

As you might have gathered, I’m enjoying seeing former colleague Gordon Smart’s star in the ascendency.

It’s even more pleasing when he gives a nod in the direction of Deadline Press & Picture Agency for setting his feet on the path to stardom – as he does in this two page profile in The Independent.

This coverage comes hot on the heels of the four page spread in Q magazine, which  chose to describe young Goags as one of the most influential figures in the music industry.

And that was before his world exclusive on the collapse of Maddona and Guy Ritchie’s marriage, the main reason the rather weighty and po-faced Independent decided to focus so much newsprint on the world of Red Top gossip mongering.

Normally there’s something disconcerting when a journalist becomes the story, rather than just reporting it. But in the heady world of tabloid gossip columns – particularly The Sun’s Bizarre column – the usual rules are reversed.

As former Bizarre editor Piers Morgan has so ably proved, it’s entirely possible for the purveyor of celebrity tittle tattle to attain fame in their own right. However, notoriety of an entirely different kind can also beckon, as another former Bizarre stalwart has proved.

Also crossing my desk yesterday was the latest PR Week glossy supplement announcing the winner of the 2008 PR Awards. Prominent among them was another former Bizarre editor, Andy Coulson. He is now the Communications Director for the Conservative Party.

He has been widely credited with masterminding David Cameron’s rise in popularity and the opinion polls – and that has seen him named PR Professional of the Year.

That accolade comes along  with the assessment that: “He has been smarter than the Government at every stage and is going to be a crucial factor in Cameron becoming Prime Minister.”

So there you have it. Young Goags – easily the best looking Bizarre editor to date – seems custom made for a future TV career. But even if he decided to turn to the Dark Side and seek a career in PR, Bizarre could well be his ticket into the corridors of power.

Nice work if you can get it.


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