Want an audience with the Prime Minister of Showbiz? Join the Q

Tabloid gossip column exclusives are not normally the types of stories which muscle their way onto Radio 5 LIve’s breakfast show. Especially in the middle of the financial crisis.

However yesterday’s world exclusive front page story on The Sun, about Madonna’s split with Guy Ritchie, generated interest even in the staid world of the BBCs talk channel.

Which meant I got treated to the dulcet tones of former Deadline Press and Picture Agency reporter Gordon Smart (now the editor of the Sun’s Bizarre showbiz section) when he was interviews by Nicky Campbell  on Tuesday’s breakfast show .

Young Goags now hangs about with megastars most of the time while putting in 14-hour days for The Currant. Which is how come he was breaking the story of Madonna’s divorce to an expectant world.

Anyone who lands the Bizarre job is destined for great things – and Goags has the potential to go further than any of his predecessors, including Piers Morgan. He’s pleasing on the eye, charming to a fault and, as this radio interview proves, he’s not only a comfortable speaker – but an adept one.

For my money, this is the clearest sign yet that Goags has the potential to be a big broadcast star and that the world of newspapers (even the dizzy heights of one of the top job on the world’s number one title) is just the start of his career.

Earlier this month Gordon also features in Q magazine – a four page spread, featured at the top of this post, on the influence he wields in the music world. Apart from the fact that photos prove he’s stolen Noel Gallagher’s haircut, Liam Gallagher’s sideburns and Paul Weller’s cravat, this article most caught my attention for three reasons:

1 – The revelation that when Goags landed the job, Piers Morgan sent him an email reading: “Dear Gordon. Rest assured that you’ll never be as good as me, but you’ll be better than Coulson, Mohan and Newton without breaking sweat.”

2 – The way the Q journalist describes him: “A roguish-looking guy in a nice suit with a soft, Scottish accent, his face creases up when laughs … he’s polite and attentive; it’s easy to see why people open up to him.”

3 – The assertion that: “His journalistic break came with 2003’s MTV Awards, held in Edinburgh. As celebrities descended, Smart punted out tip-offs to Victoria Newton and Rav Singh, her counterpart at the News Of The World. They offered him a job on the strength of that.”

On the first point, after hearing Gordon’s assured radio performance (at 7.20am) I’d be willing to bet he’ll be bigger (and better) than Piers Morgan. The second point comes closer than anything I’ve read before to explain Gordon’s sheer likeability, which is at the core of his success.

Which explains why I’m prepared to forgive him for Point 3 – because those “exclusive” tip offs to The Sun and NOTW and payment should have been coming to me, since Deadline was paying his wages at the time!

But he was always a sharp cookie -and a total charmer. Which is why we offered him a job on the spot, even though a copy of Razzle dropped out of the folded Daily Telegraph he was carrying under his arm in an attempt to pretend he was interest in “serious” news.

The boy done good.

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