Home video of two foxes playing swingball and trampoline

Around a year ago, I posted about the woes my other half had endured while trying to find a decent local gardener.

Given the washout summer this year we’ve virtually abandoned our little patch of green, so that it is now approaching jungle status.

This is a state of affairs I have manfully ignored. Until local gardener Chris (from Taurus Gardening) Ltd responded to that blog entry from last year, by promising a proper local service that wouldn’t involved wanton vandalism or smirking bullies. He’ll be  getting a call within a few weeks and may well have earned himself some new busienss thanks to his proactive, online approach.

Reading back over that post from last November , I was also reminded that I’d promised to post some video of two fox cubs who regularly visited our garden throughout 2007.

We don’t see so much of siblings Jasper and Casper these days, but as promised, just a year late, here is the footage of them playing swingball and romping on my daughter’s mini trampoline – and later in the video even trying to climb on to her swing.

I’d forgotten just how bold these urban foxes were:


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