Now THAT’S what I call a surprise wedding …

Awww! Doesn’t the bride look beautiful on her big day?

Thing is, I haven’t a clue who she is. Or the groom. This really was a surprise wedding, since the full set of pictures turned up totally unexpectedly on a £1300 camera we’d just bought – supposedly brand new.

The Canon EOS 5D was purchased from Warehouse Express in Norwich. It was delivered speedily and arrived in a sealed box, carefully wrapped with all the parts and peripherals in pristine condition.

But when photographer (and new recruit to Deadline Press & Picture Agency) Emma Bryant opened her shiny new toy, there was a surprise in store – an 8 gigbyte flash card with a full set of wedding pics on it.

Here’s a selection of the other pictures (if anybody can identify the couple, I’d be delighted to pass on my best wishes – and direct them to Warehouse Express, where they can collect the full set of memories from their big day.

Clearly the “new” camera had been used somewhere between being boxed up in a factory in the Far East and being delivered to our Edinburgh offices this week.

At first the people at Warehouse Express seemed as perplexed as I was – and insisted the pictures must have been taken before the camera left the factory. Eh, naw. This piece of kit was almost certainly manufacturedin the Far East. And this wedding looks far more likely to have taken place in Norwich than in Nanking.

My guess is that someone at Warehouse Express has used a bit of initiative and “borrowed” a camera to help out at a mate’s wedding. Nobody would have been any the wiser if they’d only remembered to removed the Flash card. Bah!

I suspecte the customer relations people at Warehouse Express came to the same Conclusion. Not only did they arrange for a new camera (this time it really was new) to be delivered within 24 hours, they also offered us a £100 credit note. Tidy.

So no harm done. Now I just hope the happy couple, pictured here, get reunited with the mementoes from their big day sharpish.


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