Italian’s kilt picture underlines Deadline’s cosmopolitan credentials.

At Deadline Press and Picture Agency, we’re basking in being all cosmopolitan.

Earlier this year, our Italian photographer Lorenzo Dalberto took a cracking picture of a piper in the centre of Edinburgh, flanked by a couple of tourists. An everydate sight during the summer, it was well captured by Lorenzo as part of a story about budget kilts going on sale.

Now the image has turned up as the front cover on a new acadamic tome – dedicated to the study of Everyday Culture in Europe. The publishers snapped up the image after spotting it on the Deadline Flickr site, showing the value of that particular Web 2.0 tool.

The book is savailable though Ashgate Publishing and is a snip at just £55 per copy. Not bad when you consider that gets you 200 or so pages dedicated to examining:

…how regional ethnologies can play a crucial part in forming a wider ‘European ethnology’ as local participants have experience of combining identities within larger regions or nations.

To anyone tempted to get on my good side, I just want to let you know that I’ve already got a stack of these on order.They’ll make perfect stocking fillers for my nearest and dearest.

In the meantime, I’m just enjoying seeing Deadline’s name – and that of our stylish Latino photographer – on a lofty academic volume dedicated to pan-European ethnology.

Makes a pleasant change from doorstepping in Pilton.


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