Good clean Karting fun. So how come the photos look such a bummer?

For no reason other than it’s summer and we were all overdue some light relief,  we decided to throw a bit of a staff party.

Originally we planned to give all the workers at Deadline Press & Picture Agency and their colleagues at Holyrood PR a half day on Friday, then head off down to East Lothian for a boozy beach barbecue.

Unsurprisingly, the Scottish weather had a say in the matter. When it became clear Friday was due to be particularly dreich, the idea of eating soggy sausages on a windblown mud and sand patch lost its allure.

As a last minute fix we booked into Xtreme Karting near Falkirk and blew off some serious steam in an inter office Grand Prix. Magic.

Later we all met in town for a boozy night out (on the company) and with the drink flowing freely and a trip to a karaoke bar (me and Raymond duetted excruciatingly on an Abba number), you’d think there would be any number of embarrassing incidents and stories to be keeping quiet about.

Fortunately though, the whole thing seemed to pass off without any inappropriate, embarrassing, shady or criminal behaviour.

But there’s always a sting in the tale. In this case the photos came back to haunt me. Not from the night out, but from the karting session, before a drop of the hard stuff had passed any of our lips.

The first sign was the tittering round the office. Within minutes it was full blown guffawing and finger pointing – with us bosses looking at each other in bafflement. It wasn’t long before the pics arrived. Caught bang to rights I’d say:

Xtreme Karting

Xtreme Karting

Aye, it looks innocent enough at first glance, I grant you. So just in case I missed the point, some kind sould sent me the close up:
Compromising at the karting

Compromising at the karting

Bummer. There’s no real defence. I can’t say I’m happy about. But at least Raymond looks really pleased with himself.
No need to add your own captions, thanks very much.

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