Violent nurse Kevin McCartney Demands An Apology

Among the many things keeping me too busy to blog of late have been a couple of complaints which came my way through Deadline Press & Picture Agency.

It’s a fact of life in journalism that mistakes happen. Reporters deal with complex and emotive subjects and have to crunch them down into short formats for readers/viewers/listeners – all against the clock. That’s not an excuse. When errors happen they should be put right quickly and fairly.

Ideally reporters would be infallible and never drop clangers at all. However we accept that To Err is Human. As long as the errs are occasional. I would hope that innocents who have been maligned, inconvenienced, had their reputation tarnished or been put through an emotional wringer by mistakes or fabrications should expect prompt apologies or clarifications.

I put particular emphasis on the term innocents. Because recent experience leaves me of the opinion that the complaints process has become something of a chancer’s charter.

Last week I had the joy of dealing with the Press Complaints Commission regarding a complaint from Mr Kevin McCartney. This bloke was a nurse who twice battered his girlfriend. In one case, after she poured his booze down the drain, he dragged her through their home by her hair, screaming: “I’m going to kill you.”

During the assualt McCartney’s partner and her daughter were so terrified they had to barricade themselves in the bathroom. Apparently he was “going through a difficult time” when he gave his girlfriend a kicking and is now “extremely remorseful”.

Remorse aside, McCartney landed in court – and later at a hearing of the Nursing and Midwifery Council, who had to decide whether he was competent to keep practising. The nursing tribunal imposed a five-year caution order on the shamed nurse.

In reporting the nursing hearing, a Deadline reporter misheard the details of McCartney’s earlier court punishement, which was a 16 week sentence, suspended for two years. It’s a crucial point – because the journalist mistakenly reported that McCartney was jailed for 16 weeks. In fact, he never spent any time in prison.

McCartney obviously felt his reputation (or what was left of it) had been tarnished by the suggestion he was banged up. So it was his right to seek redressfrom the three papers – all of whom printed immediately clarifications.

If it was me in that situation, I might also want everyone to know that I wasn’t actually jailed. So, I’d seek my clarification and then quitely let the issue drop.

Not McCartney, however. Oh no, he has pressed further, telling the PCC: “I find it disappointing and disturbing that these agencies are permitted to produce and circulate reports that are factually inaccurate, incorrect and speculative without anyone being held accountable.”

Maybe by judgement is skewed, but I’m weighing up which of these scenarios is most disappointing and disturbing:

1 – Convicted domestic abuser allowed to continue working as a nurse, albeit under supervision.

2 – Genuine error in report of legal proceedings swiftly corrected by all publications involved.

Having to write a detailed response for the PCC in reply to McCartney’s “concerns”, was almost enought to drive me to drink.

The good news is that, despite my ordeal, I was able to resist any urges to beat my wife.


85 thoughts on “Violent nurse Kevin McCartney Demands An Apology

  1. In agreement with Mr Rodrigues’ comment this little toad is out to make a name for himself and fills his pockets on the back of other peoples tragedy,trauma and misfortune.Life is full of mistakes(just as in journalists reports)and some people make worse mistakes than others.Although I remain registered,I know longer practice,through personal choice.So dont talk more inaccurate tosh about being supervised.Even if still practicing I would not be under “supervision” thats different from any other nurse of the same level.This simply highlights that Douglas doesnt know what he is talking about! He paints a superficial and inaccurate picture without knowledge of the bigger picture because he cant get himself a real journalism job and cant report the true facts. As for giving anyone a “kicking”-come on down Scottie boy! It would be hard to resist if I came across Douglas ever again. He is more than welcome to get in touch for “arrangements”. WOT A PLONKER! The negative side of journalism personified!

  2. Glad you crawled out from under your rock to have your say, McCartney – I can’t tell you how delighted I am to give your tawdry little tale another airing.

    As for inaccuracies, there was one – and one only – in the report and that was immediately put right. So anybody who is interested now knows that you were NOT jailed for battering a woman and terrorising a teenage girl. In fact you were only given a suspended sentence. For battering a woman and terrorising a teenage girl.

    Extremely remorseful? Aye, you sound it right enough. At the time the court seemed to accepty your story about “going through a difficult time” and somehow suggesting your behaviiour was an aberration. So I’m delighted you’ve decided to put that little myth to the sword by accepting this platform to issue a bunch of thinly veiled threats and other bullying bluster. That, I suspect, paints a truer picture than your defence lawyer managed.

    Meanwhile, my heart is swelling with joy to see you siding with that other disgraced figure, Herman Rodrigues. Another man who got exposed by the courts for socially repellant – and let’s not forget illegal – behaviour, then bleated about being named and shamed. Always a good distraction tecnhique to try shooting the messenger, eh?

    I’m delighted to have brought such a pairing together. The negative side of humanity personified.

  3. Oh good! The little toad has crawled out from under HIS rock and Ive got his attention.Excellent! We can air this till doomsday Douglas for all I care! Of course I would rather discuss it man to….er man?! But then I reckon you are too spineless for that to happen.
    As for my remorse? My remorse for a terrible and traumatic chapter in my life has absolutely nothing to do with you and is as speculative on your part as your news stories. It was 3 years ago and nothing like it has happened before or after.I am permitted to continue nursing if I wish because I have a 17 year unblemished nursing record in critical care(ie the sharp end of the NHS but you would have no concept of what thats like),I was and remain good at my job and pose no threat to any patient in my care. The NMC recognised that fact-Hence the reason I was permitted to continue practising!So call me what you will, but that fact remains true!
    I am not familiar with Mr Rodrigues or his story as I havent researched him,but you obviously have.He has the measure of you as I have Douglas! Go get a real job sonny!

  4. Oh my! I am soo laughing! Ive just read the sorry article on Mr Rodrigues. “Hold the front page eh!” The poor man is hardly a criminal is he? A trivial,insignificant story as reported by a trivial,insignificant wee shorthand freelancer. You must be bored.Go get a life son! you’re a joke!

  5. Hey Douglas! Have you retreated to regroup? Wanna fight?I was a corporal in the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders.I loved it, and a good scrap! So u are a founding member(without a member) of what? Some insignificant wee group of wannabees? U enjoy a blog right? One day its going to shoot you in the foot u runt! Watch and wait! 20 yr career? Ha Ha ! U must have written for the(primary) school mag! At least you have the honesty to admit some of your stories not fit for print!I could make you my mission if you werent such a waste of good oxygen! Oh please reply!

  6. So what can we learn from this exchange between two hapless souls? By hapless, I mean a man who was convicted of beating up his girlfriend and a man who makes a living out of the misfortune of others.

    Well my opinion, for what it’s worth, is not a lot. The best outcome for the parties concerned, and for society as a whole, is they refrain from doing the thing that gave/gives them notoriety.

  7. Well done Douglas!Hapless describes you well( as does feckless n useless!). U think i enjoy being reminded of a sorry event in my life from 3 yrs ago?She hit me.I hit her back.U will never know the whole story or bigger picture. No one does except me and her.You wont let it go away. WHY? Aint it in your psyche? I have moved on. I have another lovely lady in my life.Why do you like to highlight peoples misery and kick them when they are down eh? Whats that all about Douglas?( snout in the trough?)Please enlighten me? A slanging match for evermore or truce? Your call? But I will never trust a journalist again and that is all down to you! I can make you my mission if you’re not going to leave me alone.I would rather bury the hatchet!U can let me know!

  8. It was YOU who started the blog site on me! U want us to continue? Well dont hide behind your Keyboard and meet me instead! Or you too chicken? Yup I reckon so!.

  9. Hello,
    Just came across this. Very interesting.
    On one hand you have a bloke doing his job handling a complaint from the PCC and on the other, some sicko who has not only been convicted of a violent act against a woman and her daughter but continues to advocate violence(in this thread)against Mr Douglas! This is not “thinly veiled” as stated above but quite open.

    Lets look at some of the salient points in this discussion. To McCartney…

    1) “other peoples tragedy,trauma and misfortune”. Err.. you beat her up. Who does this apply to? Surely not you? Lets not forget you were charged and found guilty. Why do you continue to justify your actions? You are obviously quite disturbed.

    2)If you are cowardly enough to beat up a woman and terrorise her daughter, does this quote ring true? “It was 3 years ago and nothing like it has happened before or after”. If you have this capability then i would question whether or not you were telling the truth. This is the internet after all. Can we not stick to the facts?

    3)”Oh dear! Another who hides behind a pseudonym”. “Me yet again” makes this statement. You have got to be one of the most illiterate, hypocritical idiots i have ever come across.

  10. Hi P. I know who you are and what you want but youre not havin it.Go find a new victim and dont ever bother me again. Ok?. Bye!

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  12. Why complain about the press detail? Surely the best tactic would be to keep your head down and hope nobody you knew would read the story. The point is that the bloke is guilty of domestic abuse. What he got for it is not important. Twice the amount of publicity for battering a woman than he would have got otherwise?

    Clever move!

  13. The only chancer here is Scott Douglas. An inaccurate wee dickhead basically. He wont meet me in a quiet field. I wonder why? Oh yeah! I realise why! He is a spineless coward! He hides in the guise of being a journalist. Lol.

  14. Dear bufty boy,
    Given that Scott Douglas seems to be ignoring you, how many folk are you gonna invite to fight?
    Quiet field? I suggest Culloden.
    Maybey they can send in some women on the front line.
    I’m sure this would suit your battle strategy!

    From reading the above and the FACT you beat up a woman, the only spinless one is you….

  15. KEVIN McCARTNEY died on Tuesday 9th November 2010, at S.G.H, Glasgow, aged 48…. He was stabbed 11 times after he beat up yet another one of his girlfriends and her sons decided to pay him a visit. What goes around comes around and leopards certainly don’t change their spots!

    • Could not agree with you more. but how do you know this person? where you a victim also ?
      please reply its important

      • Any woman that got into a relationship with Kevin was a victim – his own daughter spoke of the time “daddy strangled mummy”, so traumatising children, including his own, wasn’t new to him either. Having read through his (Kevin’s) comments above, his rage is almost tangible as his lies and excuses are pitiful (if not laughable) – a powerful reminder of what he was like. Kevin relished the fact that he could control women through terror and violence. I was taken to A&E after he slashed me with a knife and he used his position as a nurse to stay with me throughout the entire procedure to ensure I wouldn’t say anything. There was nothing about him that was stable or decent. In the end he became a victim of his own atrocious behaviour and, although no-one would necessarily wish it in those circumstances, I suspect his death is to the enormous relief of each and every one of his victims who still lived in fear and had been told they should always be looking over their shoulders.

    • He beat up another girlfriend! Sons payed a visit!, What are you talking about? you have said so much “dollydewdrop” is that your name? you talk of hypocritical idiots, and people who hide under pseudonyms, so where does that leave you! Who is going to believe your story?

    • I know what my old man did, and I don’t like it anymore than any of you do.
      But he’s dead now. You sickos probably wished for that. I watched the 2 maggots escape with 2 years for killing him, and YES, they did. I don’t care what any judge assumes or says, they are murderers. Then there’s the scumbag who published this so he could get off on other people’s anguish. But all of you here, you’re lower than all 3 parties here.
      My old man didn’t live to see me become an adult. He didn’t live to see his little girl become a teenager. And here you all are, targeting a dead man. You people are lower than low.
      I know what he did was wrong. I understand the victims and their families’ anger. But you are the worst. You’re lower than low. And none of us give a damn about any bullshit sympathies you have to offer.
      Think what you will about my old man, but he’s dead and gone. You got what you wanted.

      I could take this to the law if I want. …Go away. I’m not gonna say it again.

  16. I have just recently been informed by one of his ex girlfriends that he died last year. Shocked that I was, I wasn’t suprised. I was lucky enough to get out of the short relationship we had. I saw his true colours when I stayed the first and only night at his. I haven’t seen anyone change so quickly and violent in all my life. The feeling getting back home is one that will always stay with me. This man would have terrorised and hit women all his life, no stopping him. What goes round is very true. Strange as just moved last week and found a pic of us in one of my boxes, weird.

    S from West Lothian

    • You were very lucky indeed to get out of your relationship with the violent nurse and thank god you did.
      unfortunately Sandra a member of my family was not so lucky namely my youngest sister.
      you mentioned you were speaking to another ex of his.
      i wonder how many more ex’s have had a violent relationship with him like you and my young sister.
      if so please get in touch it is very important
      god bless

      • Why is this so important to you RockyPebbles, you’ve said twice now and you’re asking people who were victims of Kevin to get in touch, why?

      • Yeah I wonder how many, he advertised in the singles columns and dating sites so I’m sure there are quite a few out there. Scary as just moved and came across a few pics, gave me the creeps!!!

  17. The reason why dolly is
    as i said my youngest sister also had a short relationship with the deceased.
    unlike you she is facing serious charges regarding his death.
    as a worried brother as you can imagine
    that’s why i ask “are there any more victims of the violent nurse Kevin McCartney out there “

    • I can assure you there are quite a few women out there, including myself, who were victims of Kevin’s violence – he started when he was 16 years old and continued until he died! He was arrested and charged at least once before for his violent behaviour but the charges were then dropped so nothing happened, which is a pity because he may not have got off so lightly with the courts a second time around! In the circumstances though, how does finding victims of Kevin help your sister?

  18. I am looking for as much information as possible as my sister and two nephews are charged with murdering him. It would be a great help if anyone has any information on his violent past. As this would be a great help in their defence. At the moment the law think he was a non violent person. Any info on kevin mccartney deceased would be of help? Please get in touch as soon as possible as time of the essence.

    Contact email

    • “In reporting the nursing hearing, a Deadline reporter misheard the details of McCartney’s earlier court punishement, which was a 16 week sentence, suspended for two years…”

      The clue in the above statement is “court punishment”. From this point of view the law should not have to dig too far to find Mr McCartney had a criminal record for Domestic Violence as per the attack mentioned in the original post.

    • Your main focus is people who have reported him to the police, this will be a better stance for defence however on the back of that women who has been a victim of his violence but not reported.

      At the end of the day murder is murder. The courts however may see why it has driven them to do this if there is backup that he drove them to it through his violence.
      Good luck

  19. Shocked to see such a terrible blog following the brutal murder of a man who was, I understand attacked and stabbed more than 10 times (in the back area ). I have reported this blog to the police and would suggest to you all that you leave the courts to do their job.

  20. You can report this blog to the police if you like it certainly wont stop me from trying to find more victims of the very violent nurse Kevin McCartney as for letting the courts get on with it. its not for the courts to find other victims of the very violent nurse Kevin McCartney.its for the defence team and as I am the brother and uncle of the accused I will not stop till i have found other victims who wish to tell there story of violence at the hands of the violent nurse.
    I take it you do not know him or you wouldn’t be so sympathetic why have you got involved in something or someone you don’t no anything about or do you ?
    I don’t hide behind pseudonyms like you and other people but you must have your reasons.

  21. AD from Glasgow…. given that you’re taking the moral high ground you’re either a relative or friend who is turning a blind eye to Kevin’s violent behaviour towards women or you simply haven’t got clue what you are talking about. Ignorance may be bliss but for god’s sake wake up and smell the coffee!

    Now, not for one minute do I condone the violence that was perpetrated against Kevin and led to his death because apart from anything else, he had a criminal record for violence so if RockyPebbles (that’s your real name is it?) sister had pressed charges against him, rather than taking matters into her own hands, then perhaps he would have been locked up this time and he would have got his just deserts in prison!

    But lets make no bones about this, Kevin was a violent man who liked to hide behind the veil of respectability that being a nurse seemed to give him. He had a history of violence, and from a young age…. lets look at some of his victims and some of the known facts:

    FACT 1. Kevin partially blinded his girlfriend when she and he were 16-17 years old by smashing a glass door onto her face when she refused to let him back into her house after he had punched and kicked her. The glass smashed through her eye breaking the lens which was then removed in surgery along with part of the iris. Result: scarred for life and blind in one eye.
    FACT 2. Kevin was arrested and charged following an assault on his wife. He got away with this one when she then dropped the charges against him.
    FACT 3. Kevin was charged with assault, as stated in the opening to this blog, and WAS convicted. This assault took place in his victims home and in front of her daughter before they managed to barricade themselves in the bathroom.
    FACT 4. Kevin slashed a victims legs with a kitchen knife and then used his position as a nurse to keep her quiet.
    FACT 5. Kevin strangled a victim unconscious and, I believe, it was photographs produced of the bruises on her neck from this attack that led to him pleading guilty to the other assault and being sentenced.
    FACT 6. Sandra has stated that she saw his violent side.
    FACT 7. RockyPebbles sister was also a victim of his violent behaviour.
    PROBABLE FACT 8. There are other victims of Kevin’s violent behaviour out there.

    So AD from Glasgow, what you should be shocked about is the fact that someone like Kevin was allowed to continue roaming the streets. Had more of his victims pressed charges then perhaps Kevin would be sitting nice and cosy in a prison cell right now rather than becoming a victim of his own behaviour. I found this blog in June, 2011. Pity I hadn’t found it earlier when Kevin was contributing and trying to convince everyone that his behaviour was a one off, because it was not and I know this for a FACT!!! I was the girl that he partially blinded, I know EXACTLY what happened on that day and I live with that physical scar. I bear the scars on my legs from his knife attack. I was strangled unconscious by that man – and I absolutely believe that had Kevin not been medically trained, I would not be here today after that particular attack. I am also the woman who did press charges and it was my daughter who was traumatised in that attack. So whilst you sit in your bubble of sanctimony and suggest that the courts do their job, you may like to consider that had they done their job more effectively in the first place and had Kevin not been a habitual abuser of women, he would in all probability be alive today.

    • Well said and sorry you were the woman whom barricaded both yourself & your daughter. Kevin told me about this but tried to twist it but I knew then there was a dark side to him which eventually came out when back in the comfort of his own territory. He never once turned whilst in my hometown but I could see how he held back so many times. Last words from him were that he was going to hire someone to drive through my bedroom window and kill me, thankfully heard threats like this from other low life scum bags so didn’t live in fear. He always boasted about the fact he could hire someone to conveniently make someone dissapear little behold it did in the end but unfortunately is ghost is still lingering with this blog going on.
      What I say is that the sooner the government passes (which I believe is happening) the legislations for people like this to be on a database then the better for women and men to do a search on any newcomer especially as internet dating has become so popular.


      • I am the brother of isobel. Your the brother inlaw. So you must know the full story regarding Kevin and his violent behaviour towards women. As you know the time is getting near when the truth will come out. The whole truth about kevins past. Its a shame two family’s have to go through this.

        Andy McLaughlin

  22. So sorry and genuinely angry to read your story about the violence you suffered at the hands of Kevin McCartney dolly.
    Did you not have any brothers or family you could have turned to at the time ?
    From what you say am sure my young sister was lucky not to have gone through as much as you but she is suffering in a different way as my nephews are. I hope your life is much happier now dolly although hes gone and cant hurt my young sister physically any-more.They face an uncertain future all due to Kevin McCartneys violence i cant say too much on this blog for obvious reasons dolly but should you wish to talk to me please feel free to email me on
    I wish you well god bless

  23. sorry dolly, no disrespect, but why did you go back with kevin over twenty years later after he blinded, slashed and strangled you and let your daughter suffer at the hands of this violent man too,

  24. “Pippa”, an interesting choice and another pseudonym, the choice of which suggests you are neither sorry or had any intention of being respectful…..

    First of all, I didn’t go back with him more than 20 years later after he blinded, slashed and strangled me, because he saved the slashing and strangling until after he had installed himself back in my life, nearly 30 years after the incident which he had left me blind in one eye.

    When you’re 16 years old and someone does that to you, it’s easy after such a traumatic event and a couple of weeks in hospital to believe, as your being told and what Kevin liked to call it, that it was “all a Tragic Accident”. The part you actually forget is what brought you to the point of that so called, “accident” – i.e. the punches and kick that went beforehand.

    I then bumped into Kevin some years later when I was at uni in Glasgow, I hadn’t seen him for years and we only met up two or three times as he helped me with a couple of essays; we didn’t have a relationship and he showed no signs of anything but normal behaviour.

    Then, years later and by which time we were both in our 40’s, out of the blue he got in touch again (he found me on friends reunited). He told me how he’s grown up, been married, had kids, trained as and become a respected nurse and what a great guy he really is, he still remembers my birthday and has always regretted and felt so responsible for that “Tragic Accident”.

    Now, when something like that happens and bearing in mind the mr nice guy act in the uni scenario, you don’t tend to consider that the violent behaviour he exhibited as a teenager has continued throughout his life, you tend to think that he has actually matured into a really decent and responsible bloke.

    So it wasn’t that I chose to go back with someone years later who had systematically abused me when I was younger, I got back with (and got sucked in by) someone who lied his way back into my life and convinced me that they were now Mr Respectable and a million miles away from the hot headed teenager who had caused such a tragic event in my life.

    Unfortunately, Kevin did not come with a label that said “split personality, I’m also a nutter” or “Beware, psycho in a nurses uniform” because if he had I, along I’m sure with some others, would have steered well clear.

  25. i think this blog should come to an end!!! we the victims of Kevin’s ‘split personality’ should put it to bed and not bring the memories or should i say nightmares to become a daily discussion board……this is my last blog as I want to forget the past and get on with the future as I think we should all do!!!! There is no point to this!!!! as for the 3 who are up for murder then yes i do have sympathy or should that be empathy but at the end of the day it is murder and justice will have to be done!!! I’m sure we all have went through very bad times but to end a life is not the done thing!!!! Putting Kevin McCartney totally out out of my mind now and so should you all. Think to the future and not to the past…………….


    • sounds to me that this man would have carried on untill “he” took someones life, therefore maybe “justice” the word that you use, has already been done.

  26. Shocked and stunned to read above comments regarding Kevin McCartney.

    I attended his funeral last November out of respect for his (very respectable and sincere) family and because the Kevin McCartney I knew seemed a decent person and a devout father to his two young children.

    I still firmly believe his kids and family deserve justice due to the trauma caused by Kevin’s death. An attack described by detectives and doctors as “brutal and frenzied.”

    • yes!, they do!, but the fact still remains that kevin was a violent abuser of women, And i still firmly believe that everyone should know that too! due to the trauma he inflicted on women, every court, judge, and newspaper is going to be aware of his violent past!

      • Sorry, dont know if i have left this too late, but i am willing to stand in court and speak of kevins violence too., have spoke to a lawyer about this.

    • I was with kevin just over a year, and thought it was strange that i had never met any of his family, he spoke of a sister once or twice, but told me they had no contact with each other, that she didnt want anything to do with him after a family dispute, something to do with a kiddies birthday party, and what a nasty person she was, that was the first time kevin battered me, two weeks after that he attacked me again, but i managed to get away from him after that second attack.

  27. I take it everyone has forgotten about the deceased Kevin McCartney as this blog seems to have come to a standstill.
    I wonder why ? there are still victims out there who has had a relationship with this person and probably too scared to come forward or too embarrassed.
    He Cant hurt any women anymore thank god or maybe some people are just in-denial .

  28. It is apparent that those who have contributed to this blog to desecrate the memory of the murder victim Mr McCartney have there own issues. I would question the reliability and indeed the mental health of anyone who thinks doing this is okay.

  29. What about the mental health of the violent nurse Kevin McCartney ?
    I take it you don’t even know him ? How can desecrate come into it when its only truth being told as for reliability my sister was a victim so I know what I am talking about.
    do you ?

  30. I too am a victim of Kevin McCartney’s brutality and can relate to both sides of the argument on this forum. Kevin was both the loving brother, son, uncle and father his family knew but also a monster to any woman unlucky enough to meet him. Although I am happily married and have been for over 20 years I dated Kevin on and off from the age of 19 to 21 and have lived my life with his shadow hanging over me. I became so terrified of him that If I saw someone who looked like him my heart would race and I would have to turn and walk the other way. What started out as a loving relationship quickly became a nightmare and one that took me a long time to realise I would never change him and if I did not get away I would become a statistic, I honestly beieved he would have killed me. When he was loving he was the Kevin I wanted him to be but he could turn from loving to animal in a matter of seconds. He strangled me until I was unconsious, beat me with my own umberella, smashed my face into the front window of my car,pulled my handbrake on so hard he broke it, punched, kicked and verbally abused me on and off the whole time I was dating him and would lock me in his flat when I did not want to stay overnight with him. I mistakenly believed we could be friends when I finally told him It was over and that was the biggest mistake of my life. He invited me up on the pretext of helping him decorate his bathroom and when he looked out of his window and could not see my car asked which car I had come in, when I replied a friends he attacked me, uppending the sofa I was sitting on and repeatedly punching me. I told him I was leaving and he said i was not going anywhere. My saving grace was his friend turning up around half an hour later, he pushed me into the bedroom and told me to keep quiet, by this time i was hysterical and when he came back knowing the friend was there I told him I would scream if he did not let me go, he said he would kill me if i screamed but he would let me go if I promised to come back and see him. He opened the door and followed me to the lift and took great pleasure in continually putting his foot between the closing doors to stop the lift from leaving. My last memory of him is him watching me from his window as I drove away in my car. I actually wished him dead that night and hoped that he would get his come uppence. I have no idea who the friend was but I was forever grateful to him and still am to this day. When I met him he told me about the incident with a previous girlfriend and how she had been blinded in one eye but in his version it was an accident, I think he told me as I was local and he thought I might have read about it. I am sorry I cannot be of help to you Rockypebbles as I did not go to the police or make any reports, my husband is aware of my relationship with Kevin as his abuse affected the relationship I have with my wonderful husband in ways that I do not wish to go into her but i sincerely hope your family and sister get justice for themselves. It has taken me weeks to have the courage to write this as the thought of this man can still make me shake. He tied notes to my car asking me to meet him even after what he did. I know his family will never be able to relate the memory of the man they know to the reality of what he was and that is only natural but everything I have said above is true. I know there will be those that ask why did i stay if he treated me this way, I think I speak for many an abused woman when I say I stayed because I genuinely loved the nice person he could be and as I said above I thought I could change him but it was him who was changing me.

  31. Shame on you all who have posted such nasty, horrible, vindictive comments on this blog… You will never, ever realise the pain and suffering you have caused the decent, respectable, law-abiding family of Kevin McCartney. Especially his elderly father whom I have known very well for many years and has not a bad bone in his body…He is another true victim in this tragedy…SHAME ON YOU ALL!

    • Sefan, it seems to me that you will never ever realise the pain and anguish this man caused to so many innocent women (myself included). I have every sympathy for Kevin’s father and his family and about how they must be feeling.To find our your son was not who you thought he was. It is only by the grace of god Kevin did not murder someone over the years. I ask you would you still have your blinkered opinion if he had or had one of his victims been a member of your own family. It is all well and good saying that we should out of respect for his family keep our opinions to ourselves but our voices need to be heard or this man will forever be thought of as a tragic victim when in fact he was a victim of his own actions. SHAME ON YOU!!!! for only allowing yourself to see things from your own misguided point of view. Did he deserved to die in such a manner (NO) but when it all boils down to it you reap what you sow. Had he not led the life he did, he would be alive today.

  32. A.V (???)…I have personally spoken to several of Kevin’s former girlfriends and female friends, some of whom attended his funeral and are still in contact with the McCartney family…Dumbarton is a close-knit community, as I’m sure you know. Kevin may have had his faults and was far from perfect, but who is??? If you are going to start quoting The Bible (you reap what you sow) then I say: LET HE OR SHE WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE…At least Kevin’s loving family can take great comfort from the fact over 500 people attended his funeral…So yet again I say “SHAME ON YOU”

  33. Stefan (Kevin may have had his faults and was far from perfect, but who is?) you are in my opinion condoning his abuse of woman. You say you have personally spoken to several of Kevin’s former girlfirends and female friends who I can only gather gave glowing reports to his character or you would have said otherwise (as i said Kevin had two personalities) one of which was kind and loving (this was the side he kept for his family, male friends and their girlfriends) and the other an out of control monster(this is the side he exposed to his partners). 500 People came to his funeral you say, how many of those were there to support his family and friends of his brothers and sisters and extended family and how many of those were genuine friends. You will always have a blinkered view due to your close proximity to his family and I will always have my own view (not blinkered) as I said i have seen and felt the full force of the two sides to Kevin McCartney. Unless you have experienced the other side then I feel you are in no way fit to pass comment. My sympathies once again lie with his victims, his young children and his family who are left struggling to cope with the details that have come out after kevin’s death. I cannot believe you can be so blinkered to only have sympathy for his family and not for his victims. “SHAME ON YOU”

    • As a devout husband and father myself, I would never condone abuse towards women. How dare you suggest otherwise. You have absolutely no clue or idea regards the brutal nature of the cowardly, frenzied attack which Kevin McCartney suffered…13 stab wounds to his back! You have no idea the impact and trauma his two young children and family suffered to a dad they adored. You accuse me of being blinkered yet condone murder with knives!

      This will be my final posting to this bitter, spiteful, poisonous blog which I only entered into today in order to provide a balanced opinion. All my pity and thoughts go towards the real victim and his family + many friends (male and female).

      • Stefan, And still you have no idea of the cowardly, brutal, frenzied and sustained attacks metted out by Kevin McCartney on his INNOCENT VICTIMS. You have absolutely no idea of the trauma this man put me through. which affects me to this day, yet you continue to try in some way to justify your comments. No where in my posting did I say I condoned his murder with knives or any other instrument but that he was the victim of his own actions and you need to acknowledge that. And Alice he only had one conviciton because the others like myself did not go to the police, a decision I regret to this day. Would it have made any difference, i doubt it. We are all entitled to our opinion but i can assure you that every word I have said above is true. People only see what they want to see and believe what they want to believe. Unless you are a victim you only see the good. I rest my case.

  34. Yes, Kevin did have ONE conviction for assaulting a former girlfriend. It has become apparent however that this blog is being used by connections of those accused of killing him to minimise and ?justify the terrible crime they have committed. Anyone can add to this blog without disclosing real names etc……..and I (and many others)believe that is what the accused family / friends are doing.
    Those who matter know the truth, and believe that most of what has been said above is lies.
    Finally, the McCartney family do not need or want the ‘sympathies’ of any of the ‘victims’ above.

  35. ANOTHER VICTIM,I think you are acting on behalf of the McLauglins. Full of lies and things you ought to have done at the time. Leave the family alone to try and gain some closure. They’ve been through enough.

  36. Linda I do not do lies only facts. I also have no idea who the McLauglins are. I met Kevin in a club in Dumbarton around the time he lost his job with the water board and when he lived in the flat in Bellsmyre. At the time we met he had also been banned from driving. He had a friend who dated a girl called Linda and I wonder if you are that Linda. I am not prepared to get into a slagging match regardless. If you are that Linda then you will know who I am. As this case comes to a close I hope the News Paper see fit to terminate this blog. Goodbye.

  37. Whether we like it or not each and every one of us has been affected by Kevin; his family and friends have to live with the horror of how he died and how that impacts on their lives and victims of his violence have to live with the horror of how he lived and how that impacted (and continues to impact) on our lives.

    It is easy not to want to believe and accept things that conflict with your own ideas of a person and it is natural to defend someone when you have never seen that other side of them. However, it is a fact that Kevin was an extremely violent man towards some women and whether those who never saw or heard about this side of him choose to believe it or not, there are members of his family who knew about this too.

    The fact that Kevin had only one conviction for assault should not trivialise what he actually did and how he actually behaved towards the women who did become victims of his violence. To know about Kevin working for the water board and his driving ban suggests someone that actually knew Kevin many years ago and the abuse they also described suggests that they really were a victim too.

    Regardless of what you chose to believe, there was a side to Kevin that some of you were very fortunate not to see. For those of us who not only saw it but had it brutally reinforced upon us, we (and by association our own families) for the rest of our lives will live with the scars, the burden, the trauma and the fears, that being a victim of Kevin’s violence has bestowed upon us.

  38. And does adding to this site honestly help you??? I find the whole thing despicable and wonder what kind of people these ‘victims’ actually are??
    It may be time, if you haven’t already done it, to go and seek professional help.
    From reading this, I understand the ‘perpetrator’ of the alleged violence is dead (?murdered) and has been for a while now, I have to ask therefore what benefit there is to anyone (other than the murderers) by adding to this site?
    Absolutely despicable!

    • …well, you saw fit to get your tuppence worth in didn’t you!
      …and violence is no longer ‘alleged’ when the perpetrator has admitted it.
      …’Professional Therapist’ yeah right!

  39. Oh dear, as I suspected a very bitter and disturbed individual. You have completely missed my point as you continue to lull in your own self pity. Okay, the perpetrator admitted to your incident. The ‘alleged’ actually referred to the other ‘victims’…..I am unsure what ‘they’ are trying to achieve by adding to this…..maybe you could comment??
    And yes, I have been a professional therapist for more than 20 years and recognise when someone needs help………….please consider it!

  40. Yes I do, and I have many documents to prove it.
    It appears the truth is hurting you….please seek help…it is very obvious you need it. Life is short dolly dewdrop, it is time for you to move on.

    • A professional Therapist (unless a close friend of Mr McCartney) would not have felt the need to post a comment here. Professionals Therapists are trained to be neutral which you are certainly not. A professional Therapist would not have questioned as to the character of the VICTIMS posting on this blog. The only person the truth is hurting is all those who seek to abslove Mr McCartney of his sins in death. To be called a liar is the most hurtful thing when all we seek is to set the record straight.

    • Interesting that as a so called ‘professional therapist’ you choose to focus on and call the victims of Kevin’s violence bitter and disturbed. Strangely you leave those who have defended Kevin well alone and yet they have been just as prolific in their postings. You may have many documents but in actual fact they prove nothing because if you are as biased as your postings would suggest, then you are nothing more than professionally questionable.
      As AV has said, a professional therapist would not have felt the need to comment on here, remain anything other than neutral or question the character of Kevin’s victims. Equally, as a professional therapist you would not seek to make a value judgement on something which you were not party to and are obviously quite clueless about.
      Go away, use your so called documents as firelighters and enrol yourself onto a course that will make better use of your time because people like you, if indeed you are a therapist, are exactly what gives therapists a bad name.

  41. mmmmmmm………. me suspects dolly dewdrop and another victim are one and the same person? We will never know.
    In order to maintain my professionalism I will not be adding to this forum again……….I hope you don’t feel the need to either and that you are now satisfied that you have ‘set the record straight’.
    Please try to move on with your life.

    • “In order to maintain my professionalism…” In order to have maintained professionalism you would have had to have been professional in the first place – sadly, you weren’t.

  42. Professional Therapist: It is interesting that you suspect that because Dollydewdrop and myself speak intelligently and coherently that we are one and the same. I assure you the only thing Dollydewdrop and myself have in common is Kevin McCartney and that we were both victims of his brutality at sometime in our lives, our only crime was to fall for a man who had no respect for us as human beings. I have to agree with Dollydewdrop that you do indeed give Professionals a bad name.

  43. Hey, I think your website might be having browser compatibility issues.
    When I look at your blog in Firefox, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it
    has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up!

    Other then that, amazing blog!

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