Herman Rodrigues of Suruchi Restaurant – an apology

Fresh from dealing with a PCC complaint lodged by violent nurse Kevin McCartney, I feel obliged to share  another complaint – this one crossed my desk this week.

On Friday, former restaurateur Herman Rodrigues was in Edinburgh Sheriff Court for a series of stomach churning hygiene breaches, uncovered by Environmental Health officers at his Suruchi restaurant.

The premises were littered with mouse droppings, rodents had gnawed through food bags and a waste pipe was dripping unpleasant liquids onto the floor. Nor was this a first offence – Suruchi was also pulled up by inspectors in 2006 when they discovered a cockroach infestation in the restaurant.

Apologies for any upset caused to those of a delicate disposition – or indeed, those who may have had the misfortune to have dined there without realising either Cockroach Surprise or Mousesh*t  Special were on the menu.

The outcome on Friday was that Rodrigues was convicted of five offences and slapped with a ban that will prevent him from managing any food business without first seeking the permission of the court.

His defence lawyer claimed it was a first offence for his client – prompting the sheriff to ask how he had conveniently forgotten the 2006 Cockroach Case. The defence brief patiently explained that in the earlier case it wasn’t Mr Rodrigues who was convicted and fined – but actually his company, Indi Foods Ltd.

All of which prompted the sheriff to raise and eyebrow and retort: “The company of which he was the sole director?”.

You’re probably there ahead of me now. After Deadline Press & Picture Agency reported the court case on its website, raging Rodrigues was quickly in touch claiming that he’d never been fined before – because the previous offence was committed by his company (yes, the same company of which he was the sole director).

Among his comments was this:

I am sorry but your news is totally false. I have not been fined before.  This is the first time. In the previous instance the company was fined and not me personally. You should send reporters who know the difference in the two. You are a bunch of liars.

Surely even a five year old would realise theres a major difference between Herman being convicted and fined – and the company of which Herman was the sole director being convicted and fined.

Therefore, I’ve asked a five year old to help put the record straight in this little compilation piece (complete with actual pics taken at Suruchi by Inspectors):

You can also see the full written apology (also by a five year old) by clicking on the picture below:



9 thoughts on “Herman Rodrigues of Suruchi Restaurant – an apology

  1. How sick is to involve kids in a professional complaint to what I thought was a professional organisation. Even the Scotsman who stole the story from you had the professional attitude to print an apology and write. You sound like the Jade Goody of Press Agencies. God bless you.

  2. Can I double check something?

    Are your comments from Herman Rodrigues – or Indi Foods Ltd (sole director Herman Rodrigues)?

    As we know, there is an important legal difference.

  3. i had the misfortune to work with mr rodrigues for 2 years from 2004 to 2006. during this time i constantly reminded him of all the misdemours he was doing by flaunting health and safety laws.
    instead of heeding to my advice i was treated like s… and told to get on woth my work. i was promised a lot (as a working student) but before the 2006 hearing, i was asked to tell all health officials that i was the manager and was responsible for all day to day running of the restaurant. i was also promised a reward for the same.
    with this attitude from him, i decided that its better to leave the job as he never listened to his workers.
    i thank god every day for giving me the strenth to do the same.
    today i am a well established hotelier and hospitality mentor and wish/pray that people like Mr Herman Rodrigues should never be allowed to work in the hospitality/catering industry again.

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  5. Leave it to a child to shame a corrupt restaurateur. I hope the court never lets him open another food business. He was definitely negligent since he could have just set traps up in storage areas, but by the looks of it, he probably needed one or two of those Victor Multi-Kill traps.

  6. I also recently had the displeasure of working for Hermann.

    The man is a crook and a bully.

    He fails to pay minimum wage and had me in his palm as he was always paying me short.

    Mr Douglas do you have an email address i could contact you on?

  7. Thank god I did wanted to work for him after seeing an article in caterer, in 2002 about salmon naan, thank god I didn’t, he deserves this, cooking or serving food is a devine,

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