Digging for victory. TV star Dr Neil Oliver notches up another success.

Dr Neil Oliver, Presenter of BBC show, Coast

There’s not much on TV ithat nterests me theses days.

Reality shows are a turn off – even those which, like The Apprentice, I’m told are pretty good. I’ve never been one for soaps or British cop shows. Then I’ve lost track of the baffling number of comedy shows on offer and struggled to find one to really make me laugh (though the news series of Peep Show is getting rave reviews).

Meanwhile, the big dramas, like the recent ITV offering, Flood, are total gash. Thankfully, I didn’t invest any time in watching it though it must have been grim for the TV critic Ally Ross and columnist Lorraine Kelly to each give it a hearty kicking in consecutive days in The Sun.

Nah. I’ve turned into a curmudgeonly old sod and only rarely pull my nose out of a book to switch on the telly. And then, it’s usually to watch some nature or historical documentary. Give me Attenborough or Schama any day of the week.

Which brought me recently to an episode of the BBC’s Coast. I’ve caught this before but this time I was struck by how visually impressive it is. Mibbes it was something to do with the new flat screen telly. Or mibbes it mostly caught me attention because windswept Dr Neil Oliver was striding across the landscapge.

TV is always more interesting when you know the person on screen and I have a passing acquaintance with Dr Neil, from his time in Scottish journalism. So I sat up straight and paid that bit more attention while he was on.

I was impressed. Even more so when I mentioned the subject next day to my business partner Raymond Notarangelo, who said that Dr Neil apparently writes most of the show and the accompanying book. Among his many other achievements is that he also wrote the book, Amazing Tales for Making Men Out of Boys.

Coast is obviously a success, since they seem to be making a new series. Earlier this week I picked up a copy of the Evening News to find an appeal for anyone with interesting stories about coastal life in East Lothian to contact the BBC (read it here).

Then in Saturday’s Daily Record I read that Dr Neil has an even greater reason to celebrate – the birth of a third child. Wife Trudi gave birth to new son, Teddy this week. A wee brother for Evie and Archie.

Congratulations all round. Dr Neil likes wee boys to have decent role models – and certainly wee Teddy and older brother Archie are going to grow up with a successful dad they can really look up to.


3 thoughts on “Digging for victory. TV star Dr Neil Oliver notches up another success.

  1. This reads like a Daily Mash piece.
    Congratulations on your new flat screen telly.
    Bit too much reference to ‘wee boys’ though.

  2. Ha ha – you’re broadly right.
    Though technically speaking there’s only one mention of “wee boys”.
    Admittedly there are several uses of “wee”.
    And several more of “boys”.
    Let me know which of those is most harmful to your karmic balance and I will amend accordingly.
    Thanks for the telly-related best wishes.
    I can confirm the new Panasonic is not “wee”, and on football nights is likely to prove popular with the “boys”.

  3. Your comments about Cleopatra was wrong on the last comment,an american profiler said that she was murdered by Augustus Ceaser.She was ruthless but not a coward. I rolled up when it was found that she was black. I doubt that you would reply to this. I would like to see a repeat sometime soon.Would you please respond anyway.

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