PR guru Barbara Clark joins the hot 100 – and gives Johnny Depp the perfect reason to Visit Scotland

Congratulations to media legend Barbara Clark, Head of Comms at VisitScotland.

She has just achieved official PR Guru status, according to the industry bible, PRWeek.

The magazine’s latest PowerBook  is a list of 100 people considered the most admirable movers and shakers in the UK PR and communications sector. Quite an accolade.

There aren’t too many Scots in the list, so Barbara can be extremely proud to have merited a place among such hallowed company. Though no doubt she’ll be shrugging it off in her usual modest fashion.

I most recently caught up with La Clark at the Scottish CIPR awards in Glasgow, where her VisitScotland team bagged armfuls of awards (including Scottish Public Sector Team of the Year).

There’s never a dull moment in her company and she was in particularly fine fettle that night. Despite having dozens of staff to see home safely – as well as enough silverware to fill several trophy cabinets – she still managed to find room on the bus for the bedraggled party from Holyrood PR.

Our bus back to Edinburgh never showed up and we were milling around in the centre of Glasgow in the wee small hours wondering how we were going to get along the M8 – when Babs appeared and ordered us onto her coach.

As bus journeys go it was no quiet, early morning roadtrip. Indeed, even at that time of the morning, with hangovers starting to kick in and everyone yearning for bed, Barbara is a social hurricane – as anyone who’s been lucky enough to bask in her bonhomie will testify.

Johnny Depp features a lot in Barbara’s full PowerBook entry, which you can read in full here (in pdf format), if you haven’t already seen it.

When I asked her how she felt about her PowerBook mention she told me: “I’m hoping it will make me more attractive and that Johnny will want to leave that thin little ‘Joe le Taxi’ bird.”

So there you go Mr Depp. Why don’t you walk away from Paradis now that you’ve got the perfect reason to VisitScotland?


4 thoughts on “PR guru Barbara Clark joins the hot 100 – and gives Johnny Depp the perfect reason to Visit Scotland

  1. Thanks Scott – I haven’t heard from Johnny yet – clearly your media reach isn’t want it used to be. It he’s not free I’ll take George Clooney

    Barbara x

  2. Tsk!
    I find it hard to believe not one of the 41 people who’ve read this post have passed word to Johnny.
    I’m sure news will reach him soon.
    As for Clooney, why settle for second best?

  3. To refer to the force of nature that is Barbara Clark as a social hurricane is understatement in the extreme. I have been in this woman’s company at several social events. I’ve had my organ donor card revoked. She reduced my liver to a quivering wreck.
    re: the Clooney debate. She knows I’ve got first dibs…..

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