Come fly with me – or at least my strangely named lookalike

Most of us have checked out our “googlegangers” – the hybried term (part Google, part doppelganger) coined for typing your own name into the world’s biggest search engine to see what it throws up.

For instance, when I type in Scott Douglas I find a man who balances a cat on his head (and writes about running), another chap who is a bit of a boffin in the world of electrical engineering and an unsual book shop owner.

I’m sure I recall doing this a few year ago and coming across a children’s entertainer/magician and a cabaret singer. However, it’s all about search engine optimisation these days and they must have slipped down the rankings.

Googling yourself is a bit of harmless fun and a shortlived, vicarious peek into the lives, interests and thoughts of people (usually north American) who share your name.

However, it pales when compared to the shock of unexpectedly stumbling upon a photograph of someone who looks so like you that your nearest and dearest find it difficult to work out if it is you or not.

Especially when that person is not on the other side of the world – but a mere 50 miles up the road.

So, thanks to Brian Lewis at Deadline Press & Picture Agency (and soon to be at the Scottish Sun) for bringing me no end of ribbing by finding this picture which accompanied a recent press release from RAF Leuchars.

RAF Leuchars man who looks uncannily like your author

Firstly, let me congratulate the RAF Leuchars team on raising £2000 for local charity, Enable, which helps people with disabilities. And for the recent prodigious output from their media office, who have been extremely busy – and I hope – garnering many column inches of positive coverage.

For those who don’t automatically see the likeness, let me say that not only was I taken aback by this image, so were my missus and my mother. It doesn’t really get any more inarguable (damning?) than that. And just to mop up any lingering doubts, I’ve even looked out this image of yours truly for comparison:

Not ScottThe Real Scott Douglas

The first thing that strikes me is that it has to be a stroke of bad luck that my lookalike wears a hat straight out of Thunderbirds, along with a comedy RAF outfit complete with lapels that look as though they would probably help the wearer to take off.

Apart from that, I suppose I should be grateful that Squadron Leader Rob de Boyes is such a handsome swine. Oh – and give thanks to anybody who’ll listen that he’s not actually called Roger de Boyes.


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