And I though Phani Tikkalah sounded like some sort of superhero … meet the real life Batman Suparman

Never one to miss milking an opportunity to the max, I’m going to take this chance to coax a few more hits out of my old pal, Phani Tikkala.

For me, at least, his name has become synonomous with near superhero-like feats of stamina (and thousands of blog hits).

So much so that my chum Mhairi Munro thougth of me when she managed to escape the demands of baby Andrew for a few precious moments to read her email – and found this pearl in her inbox:

Batman Bin Suparman

For those who haven’t yet received it, the email comes along with it’s own wee narrative about the Marvel-ously named (actually, for accuracy I should stress that both Superman and Batman were out of the DC Comics stable) fella from Singapore and his unfortunate brush with airport security officials:

Airport Security, Customs Official:  May I know your name?
Customer: Batman.
CO: May I know your name?
Cust: My name is Bat-man.
CO: Trying to be funny?! What is your surname?
Cust: Supar-man.
CO arrests the guy.

Stupid guy. Should have told them his name was soemthing believable, like  Hulk Wolverine.